Bathroom design with style.

Versatile. Timeless. High quality.

Modern bathroom in a small space.

Exclusivity. In bathrooms of any size.

Luxurious bathroom design is not dependent on the size of the room. The floor plan is not a benchmark of high quality interior furnishings. It’s a question of having high standards with regard to shapes and materials. Granite, marble, wood and elegant fabrics.

The stylistic diversity of AXOR bathroom faucets always offers the perfect opportunity of furnishing a small bathroom luxuriously. It constantly emphasizes the overall concept of a luxury apartment. At the sink. In the shower. On the bath tub.

Classic AXOR faucets for the sink.
Modern accents. With classic bathroom faucets from AXOR.
Faucet in archetypal form.
A spa atmosphere in a small space. With a freestanding tub and AXOR faucets.
Luxury faucets in urban style.
Urban bathroom design with modern faucets. An example in a limited space.

Diverse styles in the bathroom. With a modern interpretation.

AXOR offers elegant products for a perfect bathroom design: timeless and high-quality faucets in a variety of styles. For exclusive projects. For smaller bathrooms. Or large ones.

Each AXOR bathroom collection bears the hallmarks of the world’s leading designers. Minimalist – with a subtle effect in the room. Or extravagant – to accentuate the aura of the room. From avantgarde to classic design. Always perfect. Just like AXOR Starck, AXOR Citterio M and AXOR Montreux.

AXOR’s design partners are carefully selected. Internationally renowned. Style pioneers. This results in a wide range of timeless designs for the AXOR faucets, showers and accessories.

Luxury apartments in Porta Nuova.

Porta nuova. Italian luxury. In the bathroom.

The flagship district of Milan. An exclusive living and working space covering an area of 3.1 million square feet. A symbol of sustainable urbanism. A maxim that is continued through to its unique architecture. These luxury apartments are a synthesis of various interior décor styles designed by Antonio Citterio, AXOR's long-standing design partner.

This diversity is reflected in the luxurious bathroom design. Furnished with AXOR bathroom faucets. Timeless, functional and high-quality. In various design styles.


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