Individuality in the bathroom.

Designed to the highest standard.

Customized design in the bathroom.

Flamboyant requirements, implemented individually.

Luxury may mean a 10-bedroom villa, a spectacular view, or marble pillars. It might also describe a 200 square feet, personalized dream bathroom. With complete freedom when it comes to the design options. The application of clear principles. Your own. In your living space. Where individuality ultimately creates a better quality of life.

The faucet accentuates the design. A one-off product that adds individuality to the room. Tailor-made, not off the shelf. AXOR faucets with a colored special finish represent customized luxury. As a statement in bronze or black. Or finished in two colors: in bronze/black. Exclusive. A faucet that is different.

Exclusive AXOR special finishes
Designer faucet with colored finish from AXOR.

Color-coated surfaces. A stylistic element of individuality.

Tailored cutting-edge design. Colored faucets top off a unique bathroom experience. The architectural concept. Such as AXOR Starck in metallic shades. Finished in bronze and black. A unique item. A tailor-made place of retreat.

Aesthetic perfection. In the workmanship. In the quality. Designer faucets finished in special colors by AXOR are given an extra metal layer thanks to the PVD method. They are tougher and more durable. In 13 brushed and polished metallic surface finishes.

AXOR Starck bathroom collection

AXOR Signature: customized faucets and showers.

The culmination of individuality: a one-off item that matches perfectly. With individual preferences. With the room itself.

AXOR Signature customizes products. Here, one-off products are created in a variety of color combinations. Or faucets are shortened or extended. The length of the shower arm is adapted to the ceiling height. AXOR Signature turns a faucet into a signature piece. With markings in the local language or in a different size. With handles in different materials, a personal emblem or logo. Maximum individuality. A luxurious symbol of belonging.

AXOR Signature is perfect for creating a tailored product. For a private bathroom. Or a specific project. The exceptional is transformed by hand into something absolutely unique.

Luxury means individuality. Or a wonderful view.
The hallmarks of customized luxury: size and the cutting-edge design. ©David Sproule
Luxury villa with outdoor chess board.
A sophisticated overall concept. Exclusive design in every detail. © David Sproule
AXOR faucets in Brushed Black Chrome in the shower.
Customized creation in the bathroom: elegant designer faucets with colored surface finishes. © David Sproule
Luxury residence in Australia.

Campbells Pocket Residence. A cut above the rest.

A luxury property in Moreton Bay, Australia. Surrounded by nature. With a spectacular view of the Glass House Mountains of Queensland. The private residence is an expression of spaciousness. The ultimate in customized design. A tailor-made retreat.
This is illustrated by the elegant interior. The three individually designed bathrooms with AXOR faucets in the unique Brushed Bronze / Brushed Black Chrome color combination. As impressive as the volcanic rock elevations of the surrounding area. Architecture – perfectly implemented.


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Sample configuration. For further questions in regards to individual configurations, please contact your retailer or AXOR.


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