Modern designer bathrooms.

With classic faucets.

Designer bathroom with a classic faucet.

Traditional living. With a modern interpretation.

Manor houses, estates, historic buildings in the best tradition. Renovated true to the original style. Luxury products with historical heritage have a special attraction. The architecture restored superbly and authentically. With maximum comfort. From the interior design to the bathroom faucets. Luxury in all elements.

In precisely the same way, designer hotels all over the world use classicism as an elegant stylistic element. In the interior design. In the bathroom. Accentuated, or as a modern interpretation of what has been tried and tested. An exciting contrast to the modern ambience, and the innovative surroundings.

Classic bathroom faucets from AXOR make a statement. In the bathroom. With modern and decidedly traditional elements. Outstanding in terms of design and quality.

Classic AXOR bathroom collection
Freestanding classic bath tub faucet.
The classic design of the bathroom faucet underlines the traditional ambience. Implemented using the freestanding bath tub faucet from AXOR Montreux. © Heikki Leis
Traditional interior design in the boutique hotel.
Refining historical heritage. With classic design. Kau Manor is an estate from the 13th century that has been painstakingly restored.
Designer bathroom in the classic style.
Modern bathroom design with traditional stylistic elements and classic faucets. Consistent throughout, from the authentic AXOR Montreux three-hole faucet to the marble on the vanity. © Soenne Fotodesign
Interior design in a manor house – modernized with care.
Classic ambience: the suite with an open fireplace in a historic building at the luxury resort. © Soenne Fotodesign
Outdoor pool at Schloss Weissenhaus.
High-end spa: the Schlosstherme thermal spa in the historic coach house at the Weissenhaus luxury resort. © Soenne Fotodesign

A classic bathroom collection combined with state-of-the-art technology.

AXOR Montreux combines authentic, classic design with the latest technology. The shapes are modeled in the style of the turn of the 20th century. Elements such as the pipework and nuts evoke the industrial design of the Belle Époque. Pieced together from individual elements. Consistently classic with low spouts and typical cross handles. Or a modern interpretation with high spouts and lever handles. On the shower pipe, the handle variants are combined. Forming the clearly separate control units for the overhead shower and handshower. Style and function. A systematic approach.

AXOR Montreux. Installed in many of the world’s most beautiful houses – from nostalgic to avantgarde. A popular choice for many years now. A bathroom collection with classic status.

Colored special finishes from AXOR give added authenticity. From brushed gold to matt nickel. Radically classic.

External view of Schloss Weissenhaus.

Weissenhaus luxury resort. A fittingly renovated manor house.

A luxury resort north-east of Hamburg by the Baltic Sea. The spacious beach hotel includes thirty historic buildings on 185 acres of land. 400 years of history are experiencing a renaissance. With elegant suites. With a luxury spa. And with 62 luxurious and timeless bathrooms. Furnished with classic AXOR Montreux faucets.

Authentic design combined with the highest-quality workmanship and modern functionality. A tribute to the origins of the building during its heyday at the turn of the 20th century.

Kau Manor Hotel. A luxurious rural idyll with a rich history.

More than an exclusive boutique hotel in Estonia. The individually designed rooms exude history. For her hotel, American artist Mary Jordan deliberately chose antique furniture, original pieces and exquisite works of art. And classic bathroom faucets from AXOR. With a view to the history and architecture of the estate, which was constructed in the 13th century. This also satisfied the hotelier’s demand for a sustainable product.

In 2016, Kau Manor received the World Boutique Hotel Award in London as the World’s Most Inspired Design Hotel.

Exterior view of Kau Manor Hotel.


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