Every person is unique.

AXOR customization services.

Colors and materials in bathroom design.

The development of one’s own personality.

Every person is unique. AXOR enables the realization of the self. Because AXOR has been making bathrooms personal for 25 years, as reflected in an impressively large range of products. Close to 2,000 products from various AXOR collections and programs. Unique in their philosophy, their mode of creation, and their style. Inspired by the handwriting of the respective designer. Trailblazing. Innovative. Timeless. Icons in the bathroom. From classic design to the avantgarde.

It all began with the AXOR Starck collection. At home in the world’s designer bathrooms for more than two decades. A milestone in bathroom design.
The combination of AXOR collections, programs, and customization services offers numerous possibilities to express one’s own personality.

AXOR Citterio E in a brushed gold look


Luxury manifests in the fulfillment of personal desires. That is customization par excellence. The 15 exclusive surfaces by AXOR FinishPlus set new standards. From the polished gold look to brushed black chrome. Surfaces of extraordinary brilliance, sturdiness, and durability. Manufactured at the highest technical level. From single pieces to large quantities. Made in Germany.

15 exclusive surface finishes.

AXOR FinishPlus. Available in 15 exclusive surface finishes. Including Black Chrome and Red Gold – two of these premium colors. Developed by in-house specialists. In intensive research.
Special surfaces according to individual specifications. Able to finished in almost any desired color. 

AXOR faucet in 15 custom colors.

“With its polished black chrome, AXOR Citterio E adds a personal touch and is perfectly matched to the interior of the hotel.”
- Dietmar Funk, owner of Liberty Hotel

“AXOR enables us, with custom surfaces, to bring the faucets and the brown and silver travertines into a harmonious overall picture. Without the customization service, an interior design with this variety of materials would not have been possible.”
- Luis Contreras, owner of Il Sereno

Black sink faucets in the designer hotel Liberty.
The luxury hotel Liberty in Offenburg, Germany is focused on perfection from the Black Forest. The 38 rooms and suites in the walls of the former prison are outfitted with AXOR Citterio E faucets in polished black chrome. In harmony with the vanities and bath tubs of the AXOR Urquiola collection.
Freestanding AXOR bath tub filler in brushed nickel.
Il Sereno luxury hotel on Lake Como, Italy. A reinterpretation of the Italian rationalism of the 1920s and 1930s. 30 suits with a spellbinding view of the shores of the lake. Outfitted with AXOR Urquiola sink and bath tub faucets. In brushed nickel and brushed red gold. The perfect embodiment of Italian glamor.
Extended, freestanding bathtub faucet by AXOR.
Alpine accents and classic, timeless luxury. Sophisticatedly composed in The Chedi in Adermatt, Switzerland. 169 rooms, suits, and residences. Outfitted with sink and bath tub faucets from AXOR Starck. The design objects for the bath tub have been extended to perfection by 6 cm.
Two-colored overhead showers with extended ceiling connector.
Campbell’s Pocket residence in Australia. Private villa with ten rooms and three dream bathrooms. Tailor-made showers and faucets with bi-color surfaces in brushed bronze/matte black. Single pieces. The ceiling connectors for the overhead showers extended by 50 cm. Perfectly adapted to the height of the room.
The personal inscription is lasered onto the overhead shower.


AXOR turns a bathroom faucet into a one-of-a-kind product. A designer product is transformed into a personalized shower. Tailored to the needs and tastes of the customer. Extend, shorten, inscribe – the exclusive services by AXOR Signature.
Be it the distance from the wall to the sink requiring an extension. The desire for a modification to the handles. For a one-of-a-kind item in the bathroom, an expression of one's own personality. Including personal initials or signets. Crafted by the experts of AXOR. Perfection.


Premiere in the AXOR MyEdition collection. AXOR Signature is opening a new dimension here for the first time: metal, wood, marble, leather. Unprecedented in a faucet. More radiance. Sensual, haptic experiences. Colors, materials, and patterns are the smallest denominator for a unique specimen. The maximization of customization. Perfection.

Marble, wood, and leather used in a faucet for the first time.
Colors and materials in the bathroom – the most individual faucet of all time.


Standing out from the crowd. Fulfilling the longing for uniqueness. Treading new paths. That’s what AXOR MyEdition stands for. The clean, linear design creates a great stage for self-realization. Personal creativity. With a variety of panels. Made of exclusive materials on request. Customization. Perfection.

Design: Phoenix Design.

Available starting October 2018. Avantgarde customization in the bathroom.