One brand celebrates.

Its history. The bathroom.

Stylish location for the AXOR anniversary celebration: The Restaurant Cracco in the Galleria Vittoria Emanuelle II.

AXOR celebrates its birthday. With style. And friends.

25 years of AXOR. 25 years of customization, design, luxury in the bathroom. Grounds to celebrate. In, quite simply, the design metropolis of the world. During the most important get-together for the industry. The Milan Furniture Fair. In a location right in the heart of Milan, in the famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle II. This is where designers, press representatives, friends of the brand, and good design meet in mid-April. To celebrate AXOR. To raise their glasses to a quarter of a century of avantgarde in the bathroom and kitchen with AXOR. To design objects created in collaboration with the world’s best designers. And to another of the brand’s highlights. In terms of customization. In terms of perfection.

AXOR MyEdition. Presented for the first time at the Furniture Fair and at the AXOR event in Milan.

A new dimension. In the bathroom. AXOR MyEdition joins the celebration.

The AXOR MyEdition collection by Phoenix Design satisfies the longing for uniqueness. By offering freedom. In the bathroom. In the choice of colors, materials. Metal, wood, marble, leather. Available starting October 2018.

Premiere in Milan. Where else. As part of the AXOR anniversary celebration. The guests: Numerous architects and interior designers. International press representatives. And the creme de la creme of the design scene. Antonio Citterio and Toan Nguyen, Jean-Marie Massaud, Jay Osgerby, Hadi Teherani, Werner Aisslinger. And Phoenix Design.

A look back and a sneak peek.

25 years of AXOR stand for 25 years of innovations. For 25 years of a pioneering role. For the development of avantgarde design objects. For the bathroom and kitchen. Among them, true milestones in bathroom design. Like AXOR Starck. AXOR Citterio. And all new: AXOR MyEdition. Developed in collaboration with Phoenix Design. Absolutely innovative. Absolutely individual. Available starting October 2018.

AXOR. A brand with history. With a livable product history. In the most beautiful hotels. In bathrooms all over the world. And at the AXOR anniversary in Milan.

AXOR Starck. A milestone in bathroom design at the AXOR event in Milan.
25 years of AXOR. Anniversary celebration in Milan.
Experience history. Celebrate the future. The AXOR anniversary.

Experience history. Celebrate the future. The AXOR anniversary.

Nearly 400 guests. A well-attended event location at the Michelin-starred restaurant Cracco. Designers. International press representatives. Architects. All excited. By the brand. Its history. And its stories.

A perfect staging for the brand's 25 years of history. Products to touch. Try out. Remember. AXOR Arco from the year 1991. With U-shaped handle. Or AXOR Starck V. Published in 2014. With visible water vortex. Both stand for innovation. For perfection. For the AXOR brand.

Tom Schönherr of Phoenix Design at the AXOR event in Milan.
A joint look back: Tom Schönherr of Phoenix Design and the AXOR Uno faucet from the 80s. Designed by frogdesign, precursor to today's Phoenix Design forge. Individuality in radiant colors.
25 years of AXOR festivities in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle II.
A quarter of a century. And not even a little bit old. AXOR celebrates its 25th birthday. Its age statement already a repeat photo prop.
Designer Jean-Marie Massaud at the AXOR event in Milan.
Long-time design partner of AXOR. Guest at the anniversary event. And a star of the scene. Jean-Marie Massaud. French designer and architect. Creative mind behind the AXOR Massaud collection.
Designers Antonio Citterio and Jay Osgerby at the AXOR event in Milan.
Internationally renowned designers meet global brand. Antonio Citterio. Jay Osgerby. Two of more than ten design partners of AXOR. Long, friendly relationships can also be celebrated.
Several well-wishers immortalized themselves in the guest book at the AXOR event.
Well wishes. Compliments. Memories. The guests of the AXOR anniversary celebration immortalized in the guest book. An impressive keepsake of an impressive event.
The proper culinary setting: Catering by Michelin-starred chef Carlo Cracco.
The proper culinary setting: The catering event provided by Michelin-starred chef Carlo Cracco, head chef of the restaurant of the same name in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle II.