AXOR ShowerSolutions ShowerHeaven 720/720 3-Jet, 2.5 GPM

ShowerHeaven 720/720 3-Jet, 2.5 GPM, stainless steel, 10625801
ShowerHeaven 720/720 3-Jet, 2.5 GPM


ShowerHeaven 720/720 3-Jet, 2.5 GPM

stainless steel

Surface finish

stainless steel

Art. no.: 10625801

Surface finish

Product characteristics

Consists of Showerhead, basic set
Spray modes RainAir, Full, Mono
Flow 2.5 GPM (9.5 L/Min)
EcoAir Technology
Spray zone controlling Requires 3 supply lines
Spray zones Bodyzone — outer showerhead zone, Rainzone — inner showerhead zone with AIR function, Laminar spray — at ¾ "
Spray face finish Fully-finished matching spray face



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AirPower: More pleasure, more efficiency

With this technology, water is enriched with air – making the water droplets plumper, softer and smoother on the skin. You can then also use water more efficiently.


QuickClean: Fast anti-limescale function

Is there anyone who likes cleaning? With QuickClean, you can remove dirt and limescale deposits on faucets and showers in next to no time. This is thanks to the flexible silicone nozzles.

XXL Performance

XXL Performance: Outstanding showering pleasure

Experience it for yourself – large-scale shower fun with relaxing spray modes. AXOR overhead showers have diameters of between 100 and 600 mm, meaning they envelop your body in water and ensure XXL Performance in the bathroom.

AXOR tailor-made

AXOR faucet with exclusive gold finish

Special surface finishes

Individual design with brushed and polished metals.

AXOR special finishes
AXOR shower element with individual inscription


Individual inscriptions and symbols for comfortable operation.

AXOR Signature
AXOR overhead shower that has been extended to order

Length adjustments

Customized products thanks to shortening or extending.

AXOR Signature


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