AXOR ShowerSolutions Shelf 5" x 5"

Shelf 5

Surface finish


Art. no.: 40872000

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Product characteristics

Material Metal
installation When positioning the shelf between waterconducting parts (no.10755XXX, no.10751XXX, no.10942XXX, no.10972XXX, no.10651XXX, no.28491XXX) in joined installation (10mm distance), it is recommended to use basic set no.40877180, Suitable for installation with or without basic set # 40877180, For use with either vertical or horizontal installation of the basic set

Optional accessory


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AXOR tailor-made

AXOR faucet with exclusive gold finish

Special surface finishes

Individual design with brushed and polished metals.

AXOR special finishes
AXOR shower element with individual inscription


Individual inscriptions and symbols for comfortable operation.

AXOR Signature
AXOR overhead shower that has been extended to order

Length adjustments

Customized products thanks to shortening or extending.

AXOR Signature

Dream bathroom Axor ShowerCollection
Dream bathroom Axor ShowerCollection


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