Bathroom design of the future.

AXOR is rethinking the bathroom.

AXOR WaterDream by Nendo.

Input for the bathroom of the future. The AXOR WaterDreams.

The new concept is created through scope for creative development. By breaking away from old patterns. AXOR fosters interdisciplinary dialogue. Time and again. With international architects and designers. To develop the very best ideas for the bathroom of the future. The vanguard of the bathroom. Turning visions into marketable products. Like the concept car of the automotive industry.

Space, water and man – the parameters for creating the AXOR WaterDream. With no constraints related to market conditions. Thinking far beyond product design and bathrooms. Radical freedom. The AXOR WaterDreams gain recognition on a regular basis. At international events and exhibitions. Meeting points for the design community.

AXOR has been setting trends in the bathroom for more than 20 years now. This started in 1994, with the first bathroom and living space all in one. The salon d’eau. The first revolution. Created in collaboration with Philippe Starck.

Creative mixer concepts - AXOR WaterDream 2016.

Future research in the bathroom. With new materials.

Freedom in the design. And the materials. The bold motto of the AXOR WaterDream 2016 was: Create your own Spout. The basis for developing new spout shapes: the AXOR U-Base. A universal mixer base. Support structure for new ideas.

Five high-profile designers from different cultures experimented. With new materials and technologies. They created their own personal mixer. This created futuristic effects. Full of emotion. Visions for new bathroom concepts. A formative component of modern interior design.

Basin mixer made of wood.
ZEN. The classic Far Eastern fountain made of bamboo. Re-interpreted by designer duo GamFratesi.
AXOR WaterDream 2016: Mixer consisting of bowls.
WATERSTEPS. The beauty and sound of water. Orchestrated step by step. Developed by Swedish designers Front.
AXOR WaterDream 2016: Mixer made of clay.
THE SEA AND THE SHORE. Hybrid of a shelf and a tap. An object that dispenses water. Unrestricted by the familiar shapes, functions or materials. Created by German designer Werner Aisslinger.
AXOR WaterDream 2016: Mixer made of bronze & granite.
RITUAL. An appreciation of water. With the upward-facing sculpture made of bronze and granite. David Adjaye celebrates the modern luxury of this precious element.
Mixer made of marble. Designed by Jean-Marie Massaud.
MIMICRY. A homage to the significance of water. With seamless marble architecture. Design: Jean-Marie Massaud.
AXOR WaterDream 2015: hand-blown glass mixer.

Glass mixers for the bathroom. A visionary concept.

Bespoke glass spouts. A bold idea. And a spectacular research project. With the WaterDream 2015, AXOR defined new freedom in industrial design. Based on the AXOR U-Base. The universal mixer base.

Partner ÉCAL.

The prestigious Swiss University of Art and Design. Students from the École d'Art de Lausanne experimented. The result: hand-crafted, one-off designs made of hand-blown glass. Unveiled at the design event Fuorisalone during the Milan Furniture Fair.

For more information about ÉCAL, please go to the university’s website:

Swiss design school ÉCAL.
AXOR WaterDream 2015: glass concept mixer.
Bend by Stanislaw Czarnocki & Katarzyna Kempa. A mixer consisting of an ordinary pipe. The simplicity of its development process is clearly reflected. ©
AXOR WaterDream 2015: mixer with carafe.
Carafe by Léa Pereyre & Claire Pondard. The spout intelligently and elegantly concealed in the handle – functionality and aesthetics combined. ©
Mixer with tumblers.
Glass by Jordane Vernet. Water dispenser with tumblers. Intelligently stacked inside one another. ©
Glass basin mixer in the shape of a lotus leaf.
Lotus by Iris Andreadis. Inspired by the lotus leaf. The natural world in the bathroom. In its tranquility and clarity. ©
Glass basin mixer with mirror.
Vanity Mirror by Thomas Elliott Burns. A new type of architecture in the bathroom: mixer, mirror and a small shelf. Combined in an exciting way. ©
AXOR WaterDream by Front Design.

The shower of the future. Future luxury.

A major campaign focusing on the shower. With the AXOR WaterDream 2013, AXOR once again emphasised its pioneering role. And offered the Front and Nendo designers the platform for their perspectives on the shower of the future: focusing on the path of water. Or the fusion of water and light.

This gave rise to two new archetypes in shower design. AXOR ShowerProducts designed by Front. And the AXOR LampShower designed by Nendo. Two new benchmarks. Both avantgarde in the context of bathroom design.

Shower products from AXOR
Front Design presents its AXOR WaterDream.
AXOR WaterDream by Front. A homage to traditional workmanship. Inspired by the technology behind the wall.
Large bathroom in a loft apartment.
AXOR ShowerProducts by Front. Water pathways reinterpreted: pipes, fittings and valves – as once found in factories.
AXOR WaterDream by Nendo.
AXOR WaterDream by Nendo. A shower that looks like a living room lamp. Dream of Oki Sato. Creative brain behind the Japanese design studio Nendo.
AXOR overhead shower with a light.
AXOR LampShower designed by Nendo. An archetype in the shower: typical lamp shade with seemingly magical flow of water.
AXOR WaterDream: a natural bathroom.

Three visions for the bathroom of the future.

AXOR WaterDreams have a long tradition. They offer designers the ultimate freedom. Crucial for the innovative capacity of a pioneer. In 2005, three exceptional future concepts were created. Further development work resulted in the creation of AXOR bathroom collections.

Three different design styles.

These avantgarde bathroom concepts are based on the philosophies of the three different designers. Jean-Marie Massaud, Patricia Urquiola and Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec. The stage for their futuristic designs for the bathroom of the future: the AXOR WaterDream.

AXOR WaterDream by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec.
Massaud: Sketch of the bathroom of the future.
AXOR WaterDream by Jean-Marie Massaud. The central theme: nature-inspired design. A bathroom vision with excerpts from the natural world.
AXOR WaterDream by Patricia Urquiola.
AXOR WaterDream by Patricia Urquiola. Sensuality and magic, like in an enchanted forest. Made up of mixers and showers.
Futuristic bathroom concepts by Bouroullec.
AXOR WaterDream by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec. A functional modular system made up of individual elements. Freedom of choice for the user.

AXOR Storybook

New concepts in mixer design

“Create your own Spout” – check out bathroom visions.

AXOR WaterDream 2016

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