One-off designs from AXOR.

Customised length and inscription.

Overhead shower dismantled into its individual components.

Unique: personalised bathroom mixers.

A fascination for the exceptional. The desire for more individuality. AXOR Signature turns a bathroom mixer into a one-of-a-kind product. A designer product is transformed into a personalised shower. An exceptional product becomes something truly unique. Tailored to the needs and the taste of the customer. Make the products longer, shorter, refine them, inscribe them – or adorn the handles with Swarovski crystals. These are the exclusive services offered by AXOR Signature.

The one-off designs are created on AXOR’s workbenches in Germany, where the products are perfected. Implemented with an eye for detail and precision craftsmanship. To create a unique product. In any quantity required. To industrial standards. At the highest technical level. Perfection.

Overhead shower extension.

The main focus: non-standard lengths.

There’s only one solution: the best. For example, a mixer spout that is extended. Or the ceiling connector of an overhead shower, adapted to the height of an old building. Always starting off with the very best: the AXOR product itself. This is then transformed into the customised product.

The path to perfection is uncompromising. A professional review determines whether the project is feasible. True to AXOR’s tried-and-tested style, checks are carried out to determine any restrictions in terms of design or geometry. After that, the sky’s the limit.

Extending and shortening.
Length modification service from AXOR.

Bathroom mixers becomes signature pieces. With emblems, inscriptions and logos.

Another special luxury feature: customised inscriptions on mixers or showers. With an emblem or engraved logo. Maximising personalisation. With additional markings. In the local language or in a different size.

Also an expression of exclusivity: customised symbols for hand and overhead shower. Special markings for hot and cold functions. Intuitive operation included.

Large symbols on the thermostatic mixer.
Personalised mixer with emblem.
Personalisation in a luxury bathroom. The perfect expression of exclusive hospitality – as with this emblem of a spa hotel in the Black Forest, Germany.
Mixer handle with Swarovski crystals.
Eye-catching handle options. Swarovski crystals in elliptical shape. The perfect embodiment of a nostalgic collection – like AXOR Carlton.
Customised mixer handle with crystals.
Swarovski crystals in trapezoidal shape. Manufactured exclusively for a Chinese luxury hotel complex. The perfection of individuality.
Mixer with additional symbols and inscriptions.
Perfect user convenience: additional symbols and inscriptions for controlling the showers. Or regulating the temperature.
Mixer with additional symbols.
Additional, and therefore clearer shower symbols for switching from hand shower to bath filler. Perfect for hotel bathrooms.

Perfection through precision.

The AXOR Signature experts make this possible. With precision and a passion for detail. With their skill and experience. Finally, each process involves manual steps. Clockwork precision.

An example: The length of a bathroom mixer is modified in lots of complex work steps. Perfectly synchronised with one another. Starting point for the extension: two base sets, which are combined. To achieve this, the body is separated in advance. Then joined to the extension pieces. The new product is manually ground and polished. Quality control plays a crucial role in attaining perfection. This is achieved with a trained and critical eye. When you’re in the business of creating individuality, compromise is not an option.

The customised colour of the surface finish is an expression of exclusivity. If you require a colour that is not included in the fifteen special finishes, at AXOR you will not be disappointed. AXOR Signature makes this possible.


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