Exclusive service

Length modification, surface finishing and inscriptions

Individual components of a gold Axor shower

Customised mixers and showers

A mixer in a special colour? A longer shower arm? Initials on the mixer handle? Axor offers tailor-made solutions, refined to suit your own personal wishes and requirements.

The exclusive services offered by Axor allow plenty of scope for design: special surface finishes, length modifications and custom inscriptions offer particular expression to personal lifestyles. Exclusive mixers, showers and accessories are created with great attention to detail. Craftsmanship, high-tech and the highest standards of quality all come together to create unique, durable solutions.

Special mixer surface finishes
Gold mixer surface finish

surface finishes

Refining Axor products increases the design options for the bathroom. 15 surface finishes in brushed or polished metallic shades offer scope to add personal touches. On request, other surface finish requests and colours can also be implemented on a one-off basis.

The special surface finishes are refined using the environmentally-friendly PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) method. These are ten times tougher than conventional chrome, considerably brighter than electroplated chrome and extremely durable.


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This is a sample configuration. Please contact your dealer or get in touch with us to enquire about customised configuration.



Inscriptions and symbols help make mixers and showers easier to operate. For example, symbols for hand and overhead shower, additional hot/cold markings or larger and hence easier-to-read labelling.

Initials, logos and emblems can be applied in a variety of designs to customise products.

Shower mixer with custom inscription
Axor overhead shower extension

Service division for length

The Axor service division for length modifications is dedicated to product customisation. A product can be individually tailored to fit the space available by shortening or extending it.

For example, even in high rooms the ceiling connector for the overhead shower can be extended so that the shower is positioned at the ideal height.

True one-off designs

There are virtually no limits to the special requests that can be catered for. As well as special surface finishes, custom inscriptions and length modifications, Axor also implements exclusive one-off products on request, enabling bathroom design to be tailored even further to suit individual requirements.

Please contact your dealer. He will be happy to advise you about the options for sophisticated customisation and can inform you about prices and lead times.

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