AXOR Presents New Spray Technology.

Soft, enclosing and water-saving spray technology PowderRain

PowderRain: Showering in a Cocoon of Water.

Schiltach, July 2017. Since their premiere at the ISH in Frankfurt in March, new AXOR overhead showers feature the new spray technology, PowderRain. Its particularity: a complete moistening of the skin due to dozens of light, micro fine sprays that do not bounce off. The body is covered in water – more so than with conventional showers. The secret lies in the detailing – an in-house team of engineers and technicians pursued every millimeter of a nozzle, spray disc, and shower head. The result can be seen, but even more so, it can be felt.

“PowderRain is the ultimate in the shower. A silky rain. A protective cloak of water. Gentle, soft, and nevertheless powerful. Like a cocoon,” Silke Giessler, Head of AXOR Brand Marketing, describes the high-performance spray.


“The possibilities to design water are sheer endless. The key lies in the amount, arrangement, size, and production of the finest silicone nozzles. The innovation is thus in every single nozzle, which has to be placed precisely on the spray disc,” Jan Heisterhagen, Vice President Product Management at Hansgrohe SE, describes the approach of the in-house spray laboratory team. By means of water design, a high-performance spray was eventually created, which envelops the body with water. This is due to the fact that instead of only a few, voluminous droplets, dozens of small water droplets are released from the spray disc. “They are so light that they barely have an impulse on the skin and thus do not bounce off. This way, the body is moistened more than through a shower with conventional sprays,” Jan Heisterhagen explains.


Through the decades, entirely different spray technologies have been developed, including micro sprays. This signifies a considerable downsizing of the nozzles: from 0.6 to 1.2 millimeters – the diameter of the openings in standard showers – to only 0.35 millimeters. Thus, a greater number of outlets may be placed on the spray disc of a shower. Over 1,000 nozzles are responsible for the unique shower sensation of the new AXOR 350 1jet overhead shower . “And they are arranged more densely as well, which intensifies the moistening of the skin,” Jan Heisterhagen explains.

The amount, arrangement, downsizing, and production of the silicone nozzles required an in-depth technical expertise, experience, and an eye for precision. Countless tests were needed to determine the ideal distance and distribution of the nozzles, their behavior and stability when exposed to water pressure. “It was also important to us to develop and construct a tool which allows us to precisely produce a spray disc and its outlets within the micrometer range,” Jan Heisterhagen emphasizes. PowderRain, featured in the new AXOR ShowerHeaven 1200 ⁄ 300 4jet , AXOR 350 1jet overhead shower , and the AXOR ShowerPipe 800, is gentle, soft, and nevertheless powerful.