AXOR Presents New 2jet Hand-Held Shower.

AXOR One hand shower with 2 spray types

AXOR One: Perfect Unity in the Shower.

Schiltach, August 2017. A haven of tranquility and a focal point for the senses: in 2015, AXOR presented its first interactive shower control element – AXOR One – a masterpiece of simple use and intuitive handling. It unites water outlet activation, water volume regulation, and temperature control in one element, thereby creating a new spaciousness in the shower. The perfect complement: the AXOR One hand-held shower with two spray types – also designed by Barber & Osgerby.


The unique design of the hand-held shower combines angles and curves in perfect unity. The high-quality and precisely manufactured metal corpus with a fully integrated handle is positioned vertically in the porter unit of the shower rod. A 90-degree turn of the retaining element allows for a selective neck or head massage with the revitalizing waterfall spray type. This wide, soft band of water intensifies its wellness effect through the horizontal positioning of the hand-held shower. With a soothing spray for body cleansing, the AXOR One hand-held shower offers another spray type that can be selected easily and intuitively by the push of a button.

“With AXOR One – control element and hand-held shower – we have created a confident unity of form and function – without artistic opulence”, Silke Giessler, Head of AXOR Brand Marketing, explains. The monolithic form of the control element, the refined proportions, the accurate details, and the reduced design of the hand-held shower create a timeless statement in every bathroom environment. AXOR One only becomes as visible as the user desires: with the AXOR FinishPlus individualization service, finishes from subdued chrome to a bold red-gold are available.