AXOR at the 2017 Munich Creative Business Week

AXOR at the 2017 Munich Creative Business Week

AXOR Talk and Exhibition: “The New Bathroom: Smart? Revolution?”

Schiltach/Munich, February 2017. On 9 March the Forum am Deutschen Museum in Munich will be the venue for the AXOR Talks “The New Bathroom: Smart? Revolution?” For the panel discussion, AXOR is bringing together the German industrial designer Werner Aisslinger, Bernd Eigenstetter, Managing Director of Phoenix Design and Stefan Hoske, Senior Consultant for Architecture and Design, AXOR/Hansgrohe Deutschland Vertriebs GmbH.

The panel will discuss the question of what people need in bathrooms; how ‘intelligent’ must a bathroom product be, particularly in a room that people think of as a retreat? It is a place for rest and relaxation and the area of the house that has the longest ‘lifespan’. How can products help make a bathroom ‘smart’ in the true sense of the word? Author and editor Katharina Altemeier joins the three panellists in discussing the following: Where are we headed? What is currently considered state-of-the-art? Showing at the same time: Werner Aisslinger’s parallel exhibition “Home of the Future” from 4 to 11 March at the Deutsche Museum in Munich. Exhibition “Home of the Future” “The Smart Revolution”: The topic of this year’s MCBW focuses on digitalisation and new technologies as the driving forces behind the greatest technological revolution in human history. Discussions, exhibits and projects showcase the status quo and provide glimpses into the future. AXOR is featured in the exhibition as part of the bathroom biotope on display in Werner Aisslinger’s “Home of the Future”. In his concept, the designer from Berlin addresses basic developments in urban living. He focuses on the growing scarcity of housing as well as self-sufficiency, conservation of natural resources through natural cycles and upcycling. The textile bathroom biotope, developed together with AXOR, resolves the question “How will we live in the future?” with soft shapes, edible plants and textiles that absorb moisture. The installation with mixers from the new AXOR Uno bathroom collection integrates plants into the water cycle with no need for additional resources. With the help of fog harvesting materials, used in desert areas to obtain and filter drinking water from morning mists, textile wall coverings absorb steam from hot showers and pass it on to plants in the bathroom – a fascinating interplay of industrial and natural materials. AXOR Talk: “The New Bathroom: Smart? Revolution?” WHEN: 9 March 2017 at 11am

WHERE: Forum am Deutschen Museum, Museumsinsel 1, Munich

Werner Aisslinger, designer
Bernd Eigenstetter, Managing Director, Phoenix Design
Stefan Hoske, Senior Consultant for Architecture and Design, AXOR/Hansgrohe Deutschland Vertriebs GmbH

MODERATOR: Katharina Altemeier, freelance author and editor