The 2017 German Design Awards Ceremony in Frankfurt am Main

Gold for the AXOR Citterio collection

Gold for AXOR Citterio Select Kitchen Tap

Schiltach, February 2017. On 10 February AXOR received the 2017 German Design Award in Gold in Frankfurt. The award was for the AXOR Citterio Select kitchen tap – jointly developed with long-standing design partner Antonio Citterio. An international jury of experts rated 4,058 products and projects submitted, with the aim of selecting, presenting and honouring unique design trends. All in all, only 45 design products were recognised with the Gold Award. According to the jury, “The AXOR Citterio Select kitchen tap is a successful example of the perfect interplay between form, function and material. Thanks to outstanding ergonomic features, a pleasing feel, useful functions and intuitive controls, the tap is suitable for use by all ages. An exceptionally elegant product, which is formally and functionally impressive at an extremely high level.”

“We are very pleased with our first German Design Award in Gold for an AXOR kitchen tap“, Silke Giessler, Head of AXOR Brand Marketing, says. “The award is an important recognition of our achievements in design, manufacturing and funcionality. It confirms our strategy of producing bathroom and kichen taps, showers and accessories to perfection; to achieve this, the development process does not end until there is nothing left to add or remove.” Giessler further comments on the win. Select Controls for More Ease of Use and Freedom of Movement Double benefits for discerning amateur and professional chefs: with AXOR Citterio Select kitchen taps, AXOR has chosen to focus on timeless design paired with innovative ease of use and freedom of movement at the sink. Now, users can conveniently pre-select temperature and water volume and then turn the flow of water on and off by simply pushing the Select button located at the front of the tap’s spout. Operation is both intuitive and convenient; neither electricity nor additional devices in the base cabinet are required; the Select technology functions on a purely mechanical basis. In addition, the ergonomically-shaped pull-out spray increases the tap’s operating range by up to 50 centimetres, making work in the kitchen considerably easier and allowing users to fill pots, water plants and rinse away dirt in the sink area in one easy sweep. The AXOR Citterio Select kitchen tap is also available with a swivel spout that can be turned in any direction by 110, 150, or 360 degrees, making it especially convenient for use with double sinks. The GDA – International Premium Award of the German Design Council hansgrohe The German Design Award is the international premium award of the German Design Council. Every year, prizes are awarded to top-notch product and communication design entries, which each in their own way, represent pioneering contributions to the international design landscape. The German Design Award, first awarded in 2012, is one of the most recognised design competitions worldwide and is held in high regard among experts and the general public alike. The competition places the most stringent demands on the selection of its award winners: a unique nomination process ensures that only those products and communication design achievements that demonstrate proven design quality are invited to partcipate.