Axor invites architects & designers to design unique mixer spouts

Mixer spouts made of different materials

Axor WaterDream 2016 presentation in Milan with David Adjaye, Werner Aisslinger, FRONT, GamFratesi and Jean-Marie Massaud

AXOR WaterDream 2016 presentation in Milan with David Adjaye, Werner Aisslinger, FRONT, GamFratesi and Jean-Marie Massaud Based on the innovative technology of the AXOR U-Base, a universal mixer base, AXOR envisioned a new dimension in customisation: mixer spouts crafted from alternative materials and featuring complete freedom of form, for seamless integration into a room's interior design, or for making a personal statement. Within this creative brief, AXOR invited renowned architects and designers to present their visions for the significance of water within the living spaces of the future. Together with David Adjaye, Werner Aisslinger, FRONT, GamFratesi and Jean-Marie Massaud, AXOR came up with some unique spouts whose use of shapes, materials and functions imparted greater significance and emotionality to both mixer and water. AXOR first presented these five one-off designs during the FuoriSalone, which took place from 11 – 17 April 2016 at the AXOR Showroom in Milan.

“The AXOR WaterDream 2016 allowed us to discuss the significance and value of water within our living environment with some of the world's best architects and designers, while testing the boundaries of customisation”, said Philippe Grohe, Vice President of Design Management at Hansgrohe SE, summing up the concept behind it. The five hand-crafted and functional mixer spouts, whose designers were given complete creative freedom, are now on display for a design-savvy audience in Milan”, said Philippe Grohe. Unprecedented freedom in the use of materials and design, with the AXOR U-Base The AXOR U-Base is a universal mixer base, which allows easy, seamless connection to its counterpart – the spout – making it possible to replace spouts without the need for any sanitary installation: ranging from standardised spouts (e.g. AXOR Starck V) to one-off products such as those on display at the FuoriSalone 2016. Moreover, the AXOR U-Base provides the security, durability and perfect water control that is characteristic of an AXOR product. Serving as the starting point for this year's AXOR WaterDream design partners, “it supported the expansion of our creative horizons beyond purely industrial production towards more customised manufacturing”, explained Jean-Marie Massaud, long-time AXOR design partner. Philippe Grohe added: “This dedication to our vision is testament to our belief in the combination of industrially manufactured and individually tailored product components to achieve greater creative freedom in modern interior design.” Five spouts, one approach: alternative materials and forms promote customisation of the classic tap With their different views on the significance of water within interior spaces, each architect and designer experimented with alternative materials and shapes to celebrate water and its pathways on both a functional and an emotional level.

In British architect David Adjaye’s concept Ritual, water appears from beneath a granite inlay – cradled by a wedge-shaped, bronze spout. The water, always visible, is ritualised: from its source to its flow, and finally to its descent.

German industrial designer Werner Aisslinger’s conceptual spout, The Sea and the Shore, is a hybrid of fountain and shelf – a space for emotionality and functionality. Hand-crafted from the ancient and historical material clay, it emphasises the longevity and value of water and water-dispensing objects in our society.

Water flows from platform to platform in Water Steps – a sculptural metal spout by Swedish designer duo FRONT. Focusing on the playful interaction between water and form, the conceptual spout aesthetically and acoustically underlines the emotional potential of water as it flows over PVD-coated, metallic surfaces.

Zen, designed by Danish-Italian duo GamFratesi, reinterprets the classic Japanese wooden fountain. With its minimalistic form and marginal water flow, this conceptual spout achieves a tranquil and meditative atmosphere, depicting the original connection between nature and water.

Jean-Marie Massaud’s Mimicry reveals a water-dispensing object in complete harmony with the interior architecture. Material (marble) and form (its simple, geometric shape) suggest an inherent connection to water. Moreover, this endows both object and water with greater emotional significance.

Whether through integration or by making a personal statement, all five hand-crafted spouts address the ever-increasing demand for individuality, emotionality and sensory experiences in our homes.