Kitchen mixers.

Avantgarde for the kitchen. From AXOR.

Kitchen mixer with hand spray.

An absolute must in the kitchen. Perfection.

Kitchen mixers from AXOR. Created for avantgarde design in the kitchen. A place where evolutions of the highest culinary standard are created. Where new dimensions in sensuality and aesthetics are created. AXOR kitchen mixers bear the hallmarks of the world’s best designers. With the innovative capacity of AXOR. Such as the Select operating technology. An example of the latest technological advances. Excellence in the kitchen. Perfection.

Design: Philippe Starck, Antonio Citterio, Phoenix Design

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Kitchen mixer with a stainless steel spring.

AXOR Citterio. Timeless elegance in the kitchen.

Towering. Minimalist in design. The technology elegantly integrated. The AXOR Citterio Semi-Pro kitchen mixer offers maximum aestheticism. Professional to the max. With a flat, generous operating lever. Precisely-shaped. A large operating radius with the all-round swivel spout and the hand spray with two jet types. AXOR Citterio Semi-Pro is premium quality. Kitchen perfection.

Design: Antonio Citterio

AXOR Citterio Select. Innovation at the sink unit.

Great visual impact at the sink. Linear. Elegant. Award-winning. With a three-stage, adjustable swivel range. And Select technology. The water can be turned on and off by pressing a button on the spout. Operation and design. Perfection.

Design: Antonio Citterio

Kitchen mixer with on and off button.
Kitchen mixer designed by Philippe Starck.

AXOR Starck. Minimalism in the kitchen.

Minimalist in shape. Explicit in function. Right through to the inner workings of the mixer. To the joystick technology. It embodies ultra-smooth control – via the minimalist pin handle. It can be positioned on the left or right.

AXOR Starck kitchen mixers in three configurations: with and without hand spray or as an AXOR Starck Semi-Pro variant with a 360° swivel spout.

Design: Philippe Starck

AXOR Citterio M. Filigree design in the kitchen.

Delicate and clearly structured. AXOR Citterio M kitchen mixers are perfectly proportioned. The lever handles are separate and can therefore be positioned anywhere. For maximum individuality. Pleasant to touch. Each mixer has a high spout with an individually adjustable swivel range. The variant with a hand spray also has two jet types: normal and shower spray.

AXOR Citterio M for the kitchen includes 5 mixers. In stainless steel or chrome.

Design: Antonio Citterio

Kitchen mixer with separate handle.
Kitchen mixer for wall mounting.

AXOR Uno. Purist design in the kitchen.

Simple. Ascetic. AXOR Uno kitchen mixers are radically purist. Functional. On the wall. On the bowl. The wall mixer with telescopic function (330 to 500 mm). Swivels 110° and 150°. The standing versions can be completely rotated around their own axis. Freedom of movement. Perfection.

Design: Phoenix Design

AXOR Montreux. A classic in the kitchen.

Luxury in industrial design. AXOR Montreux in authentic and classic style. In the tradition of the first mixers. Put together from individual elements. Perfectly finished. With or without hand spray. As a high Semi-Pro variant with stainless steel coil. Can swivel 360 degrees. Easy to operate using the ergonomic lever handle.

AXOR Montreux kitchen mixers in three variants: single lever kitchen mixer with all-round swivel range, single lever kitchen mixer with hand spray, Semi-Pro 

Design: Phoenix Design

Classic kitchen mixer from AXOR.


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