Electronic mixers.

Excellence in terms of design and hygiene.

Electronically-controlled wall mixer. AXOR Uno.

Non-contact designer mixers. Perfection.

Turn them on and off with precision. Without touching them. In avantgarde design. Electronic mixers from AXOR set benchmarks in public areas. In lounges. In luxury hotels. In upscale restaurants. In private bathrooms too. In places with the most stringent requirements in terms of design and hygiene. And in terms of economical water consumption. AXOR electronic mixers are sensor-controlled. Masterpieces of non-contact operation. Perfection.

Use one of the 15 coloured AXOR special finishes to give the electronic mixers extra character. Exclusivity. This makes them more brilliant. And more robust. A personalised statement. The perfect combination of aesthetics and function.

Design: Philippe Starck, Antonio Citterio, Phoenix Design

Overview of all products

AXOR Starck sensor mixer with temperature control.

AXOR Starck. The minimalist of the electronic mixers.

Non-contact. Minimalist in design. A mixer shape reduced to the bare essentials. Featuring the diagonal and cylindrical spout. The slender, round mixer body. AXOR Starck mixers have long been a classic. As has the electronic version.

Battery-operated or via 230V mains connection. In AXOR Starck electronic mixers, the technology is discreetly integrated. Optimally adapted to the minimalist design. Form Follows Perfection.

Design: Philippe Starck

AXOR Citterio. A striking statement on the wall.

Angular and round perfectly combined. The AXOR Citterio electronic mixer. Striking. With precisely carved out, soft radii and surfaces. For the wall. For public and semi-public areas. With innovative sensor technology. Featuring non-contact operation. Length: 160/220 mm.

Design: Antonio Citterio

AXOR Citterio electronic wall mixer.
Sensor mixer in organic design. AXOR Starck Organic.

AXOR Starck Organic. Economical and organic.

Taking the natural world as inspiration. A naturally-grown shape. Treating resources with respect. A characteristic feature of AXOR Starck Organic.

Including the innovative shower spray with 3.5 litres water consumption. The economical use of valuable water resources. The skin gets a thorough wetting.

AXOR Starck Organic electronic mixers are battery-operated or run via mains connection. With temperature pre-adjustment or temperature control. A sensuous combination of design and function. Perfection.

Design: Philippe Starck

AXOR Uno. The purist mixer on the wall.

Minimalist in shape. Its construction distinct. Overall, uniquely purist in design. The AXOR Uno electronic basin mixer in the form of a wall mixer. For non-contact operation. Hygienic perfection. In two spout lengths (165 mm and 225 mm) and with 230V mains connection.

Design: Phoenix Design

Electronic wall mixer with sensor. AXOR Uno.


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