AXOR Urquiola.

Bathroom mixers in a mixture of styles.

AXOR Urquiola tap.

Eclecticism. Perfection.

Skilfully playing with references and symbols. Different eras. Different cultures. The intentional combination of shapes. Merged together to create something uniquely new. AXOR Urquiola embodies the eclectic design principle. In the shape: unconventional asymmetries and flat design. In the workmanship: with perfectly carved out details. Simultaneously sensuous and functional. The great art of style fusion. At all levels. Perfection.

Design: Patricia Urquiola

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AXOR Urquiola bathroom mixer style fusion.

Unconventional. Extravagant. Stylish.

Skilfully playing with surfaces and curves. The perfectly carved out wave on the spout breaks with expectations and conventions. Unusual. Startling.

Also extravagant is the asymmetrical arrangement of the ample-sized handles. An expression of the unconventional. Stylish.

A perfect fusion of styles. Even in the smallest of details.

Uncompromisingly unconventional. In every detail. On the handle, immense radii are combined with a clear basic structure. Unexpected shapes, precisely carved out. Both internally and externally. In each surface. In each curve. Tangible perfection. Always exciting to contemplate.

Lavish AXOR Urquiola mixer handle.
AXOR Urquiola mixer for the wall.

A surprise on the wash basin.

Exciting in any variant. Its look and feel: individualistic. Its design precise and perfect. For example, the single lever mixer for the wall. An obvious example of the inimitable fusion of styles.

Unique: the wash basin in the shape of a nostalgic wash tub. Archetypal in shape. Modern in function. Unexpected: two handles can be used as towel racks.

Compelling. A fusion of styles in the shower.

Each element a unit in itself. Made up of ample surface areas and flowing shapes. A harmonious fusion of styles. From the shower mixer to the thermostatic mixers. The design principle perfectly embodied in the shower.

AXOR Urquiola mixers for the shower.
AXOR Urquiola bath mixer and bath tub.

Inimitably eclectic. Even when it comes to the bath tub.

Perfect extravagance. From wash basin to shower. And on the bath tub. The beautiful free-standing tub is reminiscent of bygone times. The bath tub shape discernibly references bygone days. Unexpected: the lateral slit. Refinement of the shape, of a function. The towel perfectly stowed away. An archetype. Reinterpreted in the fusion of styles.

AXOR Urquiola bath tub: Familiar in design, modern in the use of materials. Mineral casting with gel coat is ideal for guaranteeing high resilience and a long service life.

AXOR Urquiola around the bath tub: three-hole rim-mounted bath mixer, floor-standing thermostatic bath mixer, free-standing bath tub

Designed in collaboration with Patricia Urquiola.

The great art of non-conformity. Of style fusion. Like only Patricia Urquiola can. The multi-award-winning Spanish architect has a special talent for detail. And a multi-faceted perspective of the bathroom. In the AXOR Urquiola bathroom collection, she expresses her ideal concept of the bathroom. An extravagant fusion of styles, personalities, old and new.

In collaboration with AXOR, Patricia Urquiola showcased her AXOR WaterDream in 2005. The conceptual basis for AXOR Urquiola.


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