Purist bathroom design.

AXOR Uno basin mixer.

Purity. Perfection.

Simplicity of shapes. Aesthetics of design. The original purists let objects speak for themselves. AXOR Uno perfects purism. With pipes, the most original form of water transport. Simple design. Perfectly put together. Subtly excessive, based on the Golden Ratio. This ascetic form displays a special radiance. At the wash basin. In the shower. On the bath tub. Radically functional. Radically purist. Perfection.

Design: Phoenix Design

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AXOR Uno floor-standing basin mixer.

Asceticism as a design principle.

A clear-cut design: two cylinders. Precisely put together. Simple design. With style-defining excessive proportions. Inspired by the original purists. The ascetic form of AXOR Uno is consistently constructed. Radically purist.

The elevation of purism: the floor-standing basin mixer, particularly expressive thanks to the Polished Brass surface finish. One of the 15 exclusive special finishes from AXOR.

Uncompromising minimalism. At the wash basin.

Ergonomic to the max. The design is ultra-minimalist. From the minimalist bow-shaped handle to the radically reduced zero handle, through to the purist handle with the innovative Select technology. The mixer is turned on and off at the touch of a button.

AXOR Uno in the three configurations for the wash basin: single lever mixer, three-hole mixer, standing version, wall mounting version or electronic version

AXOR Uno tap.
AXOR Uno wall mixer.

Pure. Discreet. On the wall too.

The wall mixer in pipework style is the quintessence of purism on the wall. A reference to the material used by the original purists. Particularly authentic in the Brushed Nickel special finish. Completed by the Select button with its consistently mechanical functionality.

An appreciation of the pipework style. In the shower too.

One straight pipe. Reduced control units. Excellence all along the line. For example, the AXOR Showerpipe 800 in pipework style. This commemorates the most original form of water transport. Purist in design and high-precision in function. With two Select buttons to control the hand or overhead shower. Just as elegant is the shelf made of mirror glass. An expression of individuality: the showerpipe in the Polished Brass special finish.

Perfect supplementary product from AXOR Uno in the shower: the AXOR Showerpipe 800

Shower system from AXOR.
AXOR mixer for free-standing bath tub.

Purist superlatives. On the bath tub.

Various configurations for the bath tub. Gently curved or blatantly right-angled. Ergonomic perfection: The rim-mounted bath mixer with a bow-shaped handle – easy to grasp. From the handle to the hand shower. On the free-standing bath tub: The substantially reduced floor-standing bath filler with separate operating element. Purism in its pure form.

AXOR Uno for the bath tub: Rim-mounted bath mixer, as an exposed or concealed mixer with separate bath filler and as a floor-standing installation

Thermostat module from AXOR.
AXOR thermostat module 800 in Polished Brass. In pipework style and in the Polished Brass special finish. Expressive. Elegant.
Modern mixer in the purist style.
A focus on the essential. The single lever basin mixer with bow-shaped handle.
Floor-standing bath mixer from AXOR.
Perfect simplicity. Towering on the bath tub. The floor-standing AXOR Uno bath mixer with integrated operating element.
AXOR Uno wall mixer.
AXOR Uno on the wall. Purist design, from the spout to the bow-shaped handle.
AXOR Uno mixer for the bath tub.
AXOR Uno rim-mounted bath mixer with bow-shaped handle. Gently curved: both in the detail and in general.

Developed in collaboration with Phoenix Design.

Design partners for AXOR Uno: Phoenix Design. Independent design studio which has won more than 700 design awards. Focusing on product design in the tradition of the Bauhaus style. And the intelligent interplay between design, functionality and convenience. Designing for AXOR for more than twenty years.

Find out more about Phoenix Design at

More collections and ranges with Phoenix Design: AXOR Montreux


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