AXOR Carlton.

Nostalgic bathroom mixers.

Nostalgic bathroom mixer.

Nostalgia. Perfection.

Plenitude and amusement. The zeitgeist of the Golden Twenties sums it all up. For example, the glamorous grand hotels. Influenced by Art Deco. Characterised by decadence and glamour. In particular the legendary Hotel Carlton in Cannes. Locale of the Jeunesse dorée. Focal point for joie-de-vivre. AXOR Carlton is the perfection of this opulence. Magnificent in form. Gently curved. Material-intensive. Nostalgic bathroom mixers, showers and accessories, which are reminiscent of this period and give it a new lease of life. Perfection.

Design: Phoenix Design

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Mixer in the Art Deco style.

A masterpiece of opulence.

AXOR Carlton is a timeless reminiscence. Of the Golden Twenties. Of the elements of Art Deco. Characteristic: the sumptuous curves. The interplay between tapering and solid forms. Excessive. At the same time elegant. Perfectly proportioned. The mixers with a modern single lever, as well as their counterparts with classic cross handles.

Particularly nostalgic in the bi-colour version gold/chrome. Or customised in one of the extravagant 15 special finishes from AXOR.

Authentic in the Art Deco style.

AXOR Carlton is opulence with a certain lightness. The contours of the spout. The rounded cross handles. Solid yet smooth. Characteristic details: elegant porcelain inlays with the traditional inscriptions for cold and hot. Authentic. Nostalgic. Gems on the mixer.

Classic bathroom design.
Classic shower in the Art Deco style.

Nostalgia in the shower.

The design curvaceous. The lines smooth. Perfectly finished – with manual grinding and polishing. The shower ensemble is reminiscent of its classic predecessor. Of the bathing culture of the grand hotels. Nostalgia in every detail: classic cross handle, hand shower with white porcelain handle. Authentic showering in the style of the Golden Twenties.

Nostalgic in design, state-of-the-art in technology and comfort. This is illustrated by the modern thermostat technology, for simple adjustment of the water temperature.

Bathroom design with classical inspiration.

AXOR Carlton is exceptionally authentic. Nostalgic. From the wash basin to the shower, and also on the bath tub. Opulent with stylish cross handles. Interpreted in modern fashion with a lever handle.

AXOR Carlton on the bath tub includes single lever bath mixers for exposed or concealed installation with single lever handles and a classic four-hole rim-mounted bath mixer with two cross handles.

Bath mixer in the Art Deco style.

Developed in collaboration with Phoenix Design.

Design partner for AXOR Carlton: Phoenix Design. Independent design studio which has won more than 700 design awards. Focusing on product design in the tradition of the Bauhaus style. And supreme ease of use of the products. Has been designing for AXOR for more than twenty years.

Find out more about Phoenix Design at

More collections and ranges with Phoenix Design: AXOR Uno, AXOR Montreux and AXOR Showers.


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