AXOR Massaud.

Organic bathroom design.

Organically designed bathroom mixer. AXOR Massaud.

The natural world and its elements. Perfection.

Water. The principle of all things. A source of well-being and serenity. Even more so in its natural form. As a sensuous waterfall. As is the case with AXOR Massaud. The collection perfects the bond between man and nature. Consistently adhering to the principles of organic architecture. In appearance, radically inspired by natural elements. Dispossessed of technology. To celebrate the moment – with water rather than with mixers. Perfection.

Design: Jean-Marie Massaud

Overview of all products

AXOR Massaud single lever mixer and wash basin.

Organic design concept. Magic and emotion.

The body is a blade of grass. The gush spray a natural waterfall. A source of calmness and contemplation. The single lever mixer and the organic wash bowl from AXOR Massaud.

The wide, flat shelf is a characteristic design feature. The result of intensive research. Precise design in a very small space – steering the water flow into parallel paths. For the perfect waterfall at the wash basin. Resource-friendly. With economical water consumption of four litres per minute. A masterpiece on the wash basin.

An eye-catcher. On the wall.

Startling. A waterfall from the shelf. Impressive. As if directly out of the wall. Design and technology excellently combined.

AXOR Massaud on the wash basin: single lever mixer, 3-hole basin mixer, wash bowls and built-in wash basin

AXOR Massaud wall mixer in organic design.
AXOR Massaud shower in organic design.

The natural world in the shower. Perfection.

Gently curved handles. Smooth transitions. Geometric surface areas. Consistently organic, right through to the thermostatic mixers and shut-off valves in the shower. In harmony with nature.

Perfect complementary products from AXOR Massaud in the shower: AXOR overhead shower 24x24 1jet, AXOR Starck 2jet baton hand shower

Uncompromisingly organic. Around the bath tub too.

The free-standing bath tub. Like taking a dip in a lake. A perfect match: the floor-standing mixer with a waterfall. From a shelf. Magical. Luxurious. Making a statement in the bathroom.

AXOR Massaud for the bath tub: 4-hole bath mixer, bath filler, floor-standing mixer, bath tub (1,900 mm)

Floor-standing bath mixer from AXOR Massaud.
Towel rack and clothes stand in organic design.

Bathroom accessories. Inspired by nature.

The towel rack resembles a branch. The cosmetics box a pebble. The base of the mirror a bough. Perfect in every detail. Perfect overall.

From the mixer, the wash basin and the bath tub right through to bathroom accessories such as the towel rack. Twelve individual designer products. Uncompromisingly organic. Inspired by nature.

Designed in collaboration with Jean-Marie Massaud.

French architect and designer Jean-Marie Massaud has been creating pioneering bathroom design for AXOR since 2005. His work is always centred around man, space and nature. Whether it’s a football stadium or a chair. A concept or industrial design. A product or architecture. For internationally renowned brands such as B&B Italia, Dedon and Kartell. His creations are popular all over the world.

In collaboration with AXOR, Jean-Marie Massaud created an AXOR WaterDream in 2005. Conceptual basis of AXOR Massaud.

Find out more about the designer Jean-Marie Massaud and his projects:


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