Axor Urquiola

Bathroom design in a mixture of styles

Axor Urquiola basin mixer

Awakening your senses

The sensuous collection Axor Urquiola, with its many charming details, is extremely multi-faceted. This can be seen in its playful mixture of styles: soft shapes blend in with large surface areas. The mixer asymmetries make them look just like they evolved naturally. Wash basin and bath tub allude to familiar forms. Finally, all elements merge into one multi-faceted entity. Pure eclecticism – from mixer to accessory.

Axor deliberately chose the award-winning architect Patricia Urquiola as its design partner in order to gain a multi-faceted perspective on the bathroom. In Axor Urquiola, the Grande Dame of design expresses her vision of the bathroom. A very personal place of communication, where everything mingles together harmoniously: styles, personalities, old and new.

As if naturally

Wall mixer on the wash basin
Mixer with curved and asymmetrical shapes

One characteristic feature of the different mixer variants is the interplay between ample surface areas and organic forms. The elegant handles, with their large, ergonomic openings, demonstrate how user convenience and design can create an aesthetic symbiosis.

Shower column that looks just like it evolved naturally

Mixture of styles
in the shower

With its asymmetrically branching elements, the Axor Urquiola shower column with its overhead and hand shower looks just like it has grown naturally in a bamboo grove. The integrated shelf offers space for shower utensils.

Wash tub
from those days

Free-standing mixer on a nostalgic bath tub
Axor bathroom products in a mixture of styles

The archetypal designer wash basins and bath tubs are reminiscent of nostalgic wash tubs. To suit the room's requirements, they can be appropriately positioned on the wall or on a wash basin.


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