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Axor Starck V well mixer

Vitality of Water

A water vortex is a fascinating spectacle of nature. Axor Starck V is a designer product which visualises this extraordinary water experience and brings it home to your own wash basin. The transparent glass body enables you to experience water so vividly, like never before.

Axor Starck V was inspired by a passion for water. Axor is fascinated by the beauty of the water vortex, as it occurs in the natural world. In Philippe Starck, Axor discovered a design partner who makes this water phenomenon visible in a unique mixer design. For the designer, Axor Starck V is “a revolution, the essence of minimalism, a vortex, this wonder of nature, surrounded by complete transparency.”

The result is a unique eye-catching feature at the wash basin: with its sensuous, organic shapes and sculptural appearance, the mixer becomes a well that is used on a daily basis, not to mention a really unusual bathroom object.

Vitality of Water
The Axor Starck V glass mixer impressively demonstrates the fascinating water vortex.
Three variants of the Axor glass mixer

The aesthetics of

Axor Starck V allows us to experience the natural power of water. To ensure that the transparent mixer can be used to its full potential on all wash basins, it comes in different variants: with a taller base for use on a wash bowl or as a variant with a separate handle – to suit personal preferences and requirements.

Modern elegance

In addition to the familiar chrome, unusual materials create a unique appeal. The porcelain spout with a chrome base creates a sense of modern elegance. The combination of glass spout and white base also integrates perfectly into modern bathrooms.

Axor mixer in glass and porcelain spout
2 mixers with classic glass joints


Axor Starck V adds a sense of elegant extravagance to a classic bathroom environment. This is primarily due to fine diamond and bevel cuts in the glass body.

The base surfaces in gold finish or red gold also help create the classic, elegant impression. The warm, atmospheric surfaces are exclusively refined in the Axor Manufaktur. Metallic surfaces such as stainless steel or brass are also manufactured here, increasing your design options.

Axor Manufaktur


Axor Starck V is not just a sensational designer item for the bathroom. The elegant glass mixer is also of a high technical standard. The easy-click-in design and safety-stop function enable the glass body to be removed from its base, for example to clean it in the dishwasher, without having to turn off the water beforehand.

Removable glass body of the Axor mixer

The spout is also designed to be functional: to ensure that the water jet is optimally aligned with the wash basin, the spout swivels 360°.

The material has been carefully selected: the crystal glass is high-quality, manufactured in an eco-friendly manner and is durable as well. In conjunction with the natural aspect, great emphasis was also placed on sustainability: Axor Starck V handles water resources really responsibly. Thanks to the flow limiter, the mixer only consumes an economical 4 litres per minute.


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