Axor Starck Organic

Organic, minimalist bathroom design

Axor Starck Organic mixer

Follow your head and your heart

Axor Starck Organic combines various aspects of design. It creates a sensuous water experience, while at the same time giving serious consideration to technology, ecology and economy.

The design is characterised by organic minimalism, and is powerful and sculptural. It takes the natural world as its inspiration: for example, the mixers remind us of branches, and they appear as if they have grown out of one element.

Out of respect for the earth, an intelligent operating concept was created along with an economical water jet, which makes us aware of our consumption of water resources and thus helps us use them more sustainably.

The ground-breaking 2-handle mixer is the next stage in the evolution of mixer control: for the first time, temperature and water volume are controlled separately. This functionality marks a shift from the classic mixer concept, where the temperature and water volume are controlled simultaneously.

These bathroom creations were influenced by the vision of a better world. As in the natural world, the goal was to make do with only the minimum in order to achieve more at the end: an experience that is more enjoyable, more responsible and more sensuous.

Axor Starck Organic includes more than 40 products for all areas of the bathroom. They are all characterised by their powerful design language.

For this exceptional collection, Axor chose Philippe Starck as its design partner. This indefatigable free spirit is heavily involved in eco-friendly projects and has spent more than 20 years successfully implementing designer products for bathrooms, for example Axor Starck, Axor Starck V or the elegant Axor ShowerCollection for the shower.

Organic Axor mixer on the wash basin

water experience

The mixer for the wash basin is captivating thanks to its innovative mixer shower jet. This makes the water feel exceptionally sensuous: soft pearls of water caress the skin.

At the same time, it conserves valuable water resources. The innovative jet features a flow rate of 3.5 litres per minute, so it consumes considerably less water than conventional mixers. If you need more water, you can activate the booster function.

In the shower

With its organic design, Axor Starck Organic takes a stylistic excursion into the natural world in the shower as well. The evolved shapes of the exclusive bathroom mixers remind us of flowers and bodies.

Axor shower products in the shower

On the
bath tub

The sculptural nature of the free-standing bath mixer makes it an eye-catching designer product on the bath tub.

Here too, the mixer demonstrates foresight with its innovative operating concept: the handles control the temperature and water volume separately. You can set the perfect temperature for you, or even preset the energy-saving cold setting via the temperature control on the mixer head. The water volume control on the spout is exceptionally convenient and hygienic.

Free-standing Axor bath mixer


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