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AXOR ShowerHeaven overhead shower.

The ultimate in the shower. Perfection.

Avantgarde in design. Flawless in the room. A captivating water experience. Shower products from AXOR are an absolute must in the shower. A homage to the precious element of water. The perfect designer product for the body. For the mind. For the room. These products transform the shower into a place that you can truly appreciate.

The technology has been tried and tested over many years. The water flow volumes, the water exit angle and the unconventional water design are all perfected. Each droplet is sculpted. Precisely. Bursting with energy, powerful and revitalising. Or soft, enveloping and sensuous.

AXOR Showers include overhead showers, hand showers, side showers, shower systems and thermostatic mixers. In many different shapes and sizes. Made from high-quality metal. With one or more jet types. In chrome or refined in 15 exclusive AXOR FinishPlus surface finishes. Luxury. Perfection.

Design: Phoenix Design, Nendo, Front, Barber & Osgerby, Philippe Starck.

4-jet overhead shower from AXOR.

AXOR ShowerHeaven 1200/300. Unique. In every dimension.

Luxury can be improved on. The AXOR ShowerHeaven 1200/300 is a new archetype in the shower. With maximum charisma. And dimension. This provides a great stage for the water. Here, it undergoes a powerful enactment: from revitalising water jet to soothing shower rain. Right through to soft PowderRain – the latest AXOR innovation in water design. Droplets that are precisely distributed. Softly enveloping. A cocoon of water. Thanks to high-precision mechanics, optimally adjusted to suit the person showering. Perfection.

Design: Phoenix Design

AXOR overhead shower 350 1jet. The epitome of perfection.

The design is purist. The shape is circular. The edges are finely milled and turned. Ultimate craftsmanship made of pure metal. The AXOR overhead shower 350 sits majestically enthroned above the room. Equipped with the jet innovation PowderRain. The body is wrapped in delicate droplets. A masterpiece in the shower. Perfection.

Design: Phoenix Design

Purist, round overhead shower from AXOR.
Shower system from AXOR ShowerCollection.

AXOR ShowerCollection.

Every element equals luxury squared. The magic number: 12 x 12. Geometric, minimalist design. The AXOR ShowerCollection designed by Philippe Starck is a system of mixers, showers and accessories. Can be arranged and combined in the room in a variety of ways. Vertically. Horizontally. Or unconventionally distributed on the wall. The shower becomes a customised spa for staging water in a personalised way. Haute couture. Perfection.

The AXOR ShowerCollection includes overhead showers, shower modules, thermostatic mixers, hand shower, shelf and loudspeaker module.


Luxury hand shower designed by Barber & Osgerby
Interactive shower thermostat

Interaction as a design principle. AXOR One allows form and function to blend into one sovereign statement: a monolithic control unit in the shower. Flat, rounded. Anything superfluous has been removed. Two large paddles control the showers.

Also archaic in its form: the hand shower. This nestles naturally into the palm of the hand. Interaction Design. Perfection.

AXOR ShowerSelect

Shower control unit with buttons
Innovative shower thermostat module

A symbol. A button. Select technology. Each shower deliberately controlled at the touch of a button. Mechanically precise. Intuitive. One example is the AXOR Select thermostat module. Clear in its appearance, impressive in its ease of use. Controlled by the Select buttons, up to five jet types or showers can be selected.

AXOR ShowerSelect is available on the AXOR thermostatic mixer 800, AXOR Select thermostat module, AXOR Showerpipe 800 and other thermostatic mixers.

AXOR overhead showers

A circle. A rectangle. A cylinder. The geometric shape is a pioneering element. AXOR overhead showers are impeccable in design. Versatile in function.

A perfect example: the AXOR LampShower designed by Nendo. A source of light and water. Dissolving the borders of the room. Also exceptional: its water design. A wide shower crest creates an enveloping shower spray. A new interpretation of the shower. Perfection.

AXOR LampShower overhead shower.
Shower system from AXOR.

AXOR shower systems

The showerpipes and shower columns from AXOR orchestrate the journey of the water. Purist. Classic. Avantgarde. Overhead showers, hand showers and thermostatic mixer, timelessly and beautifully connected.

Perfected in the AXOR Showerpipe 800: purist pipe design with a large shelf made of mirror glass. Two Select buttons control overhead and hand shower. The highlight: PowderRain. A multitude of silicone apertures shape the water into a cocoon. Unique effortlessness. Perfection.

AXOR shower sets

Classic. Modern. Minimalist. The shower sets bear the hallmarks of AXOR’s renowned design partners.

Like the shower set from design studio Front: a platform for technology. Nothing is hidden. Steel pipe, couplings, valves. The archaic funnel on the hand shower ultimately releases the water in two jet types. Authentic industrial design. Perfection.

Shower set from AXOR.


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