Axor kitchen mixers

Highlights on the sink unit

Kitchen setting with Axor Citterio M sink unit mixer

Designer products for the sink unit

The mixer is the most frequently used device in the kitchen. If you deem it important for your kitchen to be equipped with excellent mixers, you will truly appreciate Axor's perfected combination of exclusive design and maximum functionality.

High-end functionality is demonstrated in the pull-out spray heads featuring multiple jet types, with convenient swivel ranges up to 360°, or the ergonomic handles, which make using the mixers on a daily basis a breeze.

The innovative Select technology makes the sink unit even more convenient. In addition to the conventional handle, kitchen mixers equipped with Select also feature a Select button. You can turn the water on and off really easily, at the touch of a button, using your finger, elbow or the back of your hand. Unintentional adjustment of temperature and flow rate are a thing of the past, which means that your flow of work will not be interrupted. Axor Citterio Select is the first kitchen mixer to be equipped with this technology.

The Axor kitchen mixers were designed by various Axor design partners – Philippe Starck, Antonio Citterio and Phoenix Design – and as a result, they represent completely different design styles. Haute couture design for chefs with high standards.

Kitchen mixer with joystick handle

Axor Starck

The Axor Starck kitchen mixers typically feature a minimalist joystick handle. This was conceived by Axor in collaboration with designer Philippe Starck.

Elementary shapes and clear functions, such the swivel spout or pull-out hand spray with normal and shower spray, add exclusive convenience to the kitchen.

The Semi-Pro version from Axor Starck is a convenient alternative for double sinks and island kitchens.

Axor Citterio Select

Two kitchen mixer versions featuring Select technology add a touch of elegance and high-tech design to the sink unit. The Select button on the top of the mixer makes it easy to use. Turn the water on and off really easily, at the touch of a button.

The slimline design was developed by Axor in collaboration with design partner Antonio Citterio, who gives us a wonderful opportunity to celebrate all things culinary with these elegant mixers. The precisely-shaped handle is particularly striking. The fact that it is long and flat makes it easy to operate, even with soapy hands.

Kitchen mixer with ergonomic handle
Tall, slim kitchen mixer with a lever handle

Axor Citterio M

The 2-hole mixers from Axor Citterio M in urban design are tall and slim. The spout has a swivel range of 110° or 150°. This gives the user plenty of clearance when cooking and washing up.

The separate lever handle can be positioned on the sink to suit the habits of the user.

Axor Uno2

The Axor Uno2 kitchen mixer is a simple designer piece installed on the wall. It was created in minimalist design by Axor, in collaboration with the German design studio Phoenix Design.

The high-tech telescopic spout is particularly convenient. This can be pulled out up to a length of 50 cm and swivels 110° and 150° respectively. The exclusive joystick handle can be positioned to the right or left of the mixer.

Other free-standing versions complete the Axor Uno2 range.

Kitchen mixer on the wall


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