Exclusive mix.

Style. Colour. Material. In the bathroom.

Perfectly tailored mixers in a luxury hotel.

Refined luxury. With individualized mixers.

Outside a modern contrast. Embedded in a landscape full of history. Inside complete harmony. Achieved through a perfectly tuned interior. Exquisite materials. For a perfect symphony of style and comfort. In the 5-star hotel at the Lake Como luxury is defined by uniqueness. In terms of location. Generosity. Intimacy. And by an individual bathroom furnishing.

The bathroom: hand-finished silvery-brown limestone. Walnut clad ceilings. AXOR Urquiola mixers with brushed nickel and brushed red gold special surface finishes. All elements melt to a unity. Precious and unobtrusive. Luxury easiness. In perfection.
AXOR Urquiola mixers finished in special surfaces refine the bathrooms in the luxury hotel through their presence. Their eclectic playing with surfaces and fine curves. And their exclusive colouring.

AXOR mixers in a mixture of styles.
Eclectic mixer designed by Patricia Urquiola.

Mixture of styles. Deluxe version.

Playing with sense. And sensuousness. AXOR Urquiola mixers in the five-star luxury hotl Il Sereno. The design: Top-class. The performance: Perfect. The surface: Individual. Decisive fators for the hotelier. He counts on washbasin mixers and floor-standing bathtub mixer designed by Patricia Urquiola. Designer and architect of the exclusive hideaway at the Lake Como.

AXOR Urquiola represents mixture of styles in perfection. Expansive surfaces combined with asymmetric forms. Finest lines. With startling details.

Hotel Il Sereno

The view to the outside reveals an incomparable scenery. The Lake Como. The landscape is called “Gateway to the South”. With rich vegetation. Famous guests. And with a new exquisite hotel – the Il Sereno. Five stars for the location. Architecture and interior. And for the view from the bathroom. In the shower the AXOR Starck baton hand shower and the AXOR Urquiola thermostatic mixer with special brushed nickel and brushed red gold surface finishes. Pure enjoyment. Luxury can be so easy.

Shower in a luxury bathroom.
Modern architecture at the banks of the Lake Como.
Italian lightness in an exclusive setting. The 5-star luxury hotel Il Sereno.
Dream view of the Lake Como.
As far as the eye can see. The view of the lake from the hotel lobby.
The walnut wood stairway seems to float.
Lightness and the fusion of materials characterize the entire interior design. The stairway made from walnut wood and encased by floor-to-ceiling copper pipes appears to float. It leads up to the 30 suites of the luxury hotel.
Finest materials for the interior design. Soft earthy hues in combination with spacious dimensions.
Fines fabrics in earthy hues. Spacious dimensions. And a dream view. Perfect ingredients for a luxury stay at the Lake Como.
5-stary luxury in the hotel bathroom.
Colour-matching mixers and accessories. AXOR Urqiola perfects the exquisite bathroom ambience. At the wash basin. At the bathtub. The AXOR Starck baton hand shower in the shower. All in special surface finishes.
Luxurious dining in front of a scenic backdrop.
Exclusivity. All the way through to the hotel restaurant. The Berton Al Lago. Here as well a perfect fusion. Interior, location, view: At its finest. Food: With a star.

Mixer collection in a perfect mixture of styles.

AXOR Urquiola is a combination. Of different styles and cultural influences. Of new and old. Eclectic design and modern functionality. Surfaces and unconventional symmetries. A mixture of styles at the highest level. With special surface finishes for extravagance in colour.

Unique. Artistic. The mixer design of AXOR Urquiola is surprising. Unconventional. Generous in its dimension. Exciting. Like the wave on the spout. Or the handle. Perfectly carved out. Massive and delicate at the same time. Functional since it is easy to use. As wall-mounted version for the wash basin. With one handle. Or as 3-hole-version. The solitaire amongst the wash basin mixers: The single-lever version for wash bowls.

Extravagance. Or to create a perfect harmony: Coloured special surface finishes by AXOR.


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