The Jane

Antwerp, Belgium

© Studio Piet Boon

Bar in the church vault of The Jane restaurant in Antwerp

Restaurant with one-off Axor products in black

In the restaurant in Antwerp, art and fine dining are brought together aesthetically. Dutch interior designer Piet Boon transformed a former chapel into an impressive venue for lovers of gourmet food and design.

This reference project example demonstrates how Axor mixers in brushed black chrome impressively underline the creativity of the designer restaurant: its elegant surface sheen and its purist design are permeated by the dark accents of the black and white interior, forming a striking contrast to its authentic and sacred surroundings.
A growing number of architects are starting to appreciate
the fact that when it comes to dealing with water, Axor creates masterpieces. The furnishing concept also very much involves an exclusive mixer – tailored to the requirements of the interior designer.

Piet Boon chose brushed black chrome due to its impression of extravagance: the unusual black colour, complemented by the stylish matting of the surface, creates an elegant understatement. Whereas conventional chrome was used previously, the custom-made brushed black chrome special finish from Axor offers exclusive opportunities for customisation.

Monochrome black and white

Piet Boon transformed the church into a truly atmospheric place: with 500 glass panels in the church windows and an imposing chandelier which, with its black tentacles, floats high above the 65 seats. The monochrome interior contrasts with the church patina to create an aesthetic, integrated work of art.

Restaurant in a church environment
Black Axor electronic mixer on the wash basin

Black elegance

The Axor Uno2 electronic wall mixers are individually tailored to the restaurant's minimalist ambience. Their contemporary brushed black chrome special finish was exclusively custom-made in the Axor Manufaktur.

Axor Manufaktur

"Food is our religion"

The rear of the restaurant, where the altar once stood, now houses the show kitchen of Michelin-star chefs Sergio Herman and Nick Bril.

The glass cube emphasises the restaurant's high-end character. Its outstanding feature is the Axor Citterio Semi Pro kitchen mixer from designer Antonio Citterio .

Axor kitchen

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