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Planted hotel complex with residential booths

Green architecture project relies on Axor

The award-winning building, which is often referred to as a "hotel in a garden", situated in the heart of the central business district of Singapore, is a paradigm of green architecture.

Space is becoming ever more scarce in growing cities, but the architects from WOHA used a 15,000 square metre green area and clever energy strategies to create a pleasant urban living environment in tropical latitudes.

The Axor Urquiola bathroom collection, with its design that appears as if it has grown naturally, contributes to the aesthetics.

However, the planners of the green project were also impressed with the highly functional benefits offered by the Axor mixers. Axor mixers and showers save water and energy and have a long service life. Since the Axor Urquiola mixers on the wash basin are equipped with EcoSmart technology, they consume up to 60 percent less water than conventional products.

The large-sized overhead shower from Axor also provided key selling points with regard to meeting the sensitive criteria for an ecological future. The flow rate of the water is limited to 20 litres per minute. Thanks to the water saving shower technology AirPower, more water is not needed to guarantee a lavish showering experience complete with full-bodied droplets; the technology infuses the inflowing water with air, which has an extremely positive impact on energy and cost efficiency.

Vegetation-covered terraces of a hotel


The hotel, which opened in 2013, is ecologically pioneering: collected rainwater covers the water requirements of the green terraces. A photovoltaic system supplies solar energy via the roof. Trees provide shade, reducing the requirement for round-the-clock air conditioning.

Naturally green

Each of the 367 rooms looks out onto greenery: either the green terraces or nearby Hong Lim Park. In the bathrooms too, only natural products or recycled materials are used.

Bathroom looking out onto greenery
Hotel room with an open bathroom area

Axor Urquiola

The bathroom collection, designed by the architect Patricia Urquiola, is particularly sensuous and eclectic. Its mixers, which appear as if they have grown naturally, are ideal for the bathroom environment at Singapore's green hotel.

Axor Urquiola

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Axor Urquiola

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