Campbells Pocket

Moreton Bay, Australia

Campbells Pocket Residence building in Australia

Axor can even implement fancy requirements with confidence

Axor turns the dreams of discerning clients into reality and implements the customised production of mixers. One example of this is Campbells Pocket, whose bathrooms and kitchen are furnished with two-coloured Axor mixers.

Campbells Pocket is a residence that is a cut above the rest, idyllically situated, surrounded by nature, and with a spectacular view of the Glass House Mountains of Queensland. Ultraspace Architecture and Interior Design orchestrated this spaciousness and the beautiful views.

The home is ideally integrated into the natural habitat. All the elements were therefore carefully selected taking account of environmental aspects. So were the Axor mixers, which were refined in the Axor Manufaktur to meet the highest environmental standards.

The Axor Manufaktur makes it possible to accommodate customised design quality of the highest standards. Rather than standard chrome, the mixers were to be finished in a metallic bi-colour, exactly in accordance with the elegant interior. This produced one-off designs in the brushed bronze/brushed black chrome combination, which to date is also unique to Axor.

A further advantage of having designer items refined in the Axor Manufaktur is their exceptional robustness and durability. Unlike conventional chrome mixers, the coating is implemented using the innovative PVD method.

In the workshop for customised creations, one employee is personally responsible for completing the designer piece, from the start through to the final polishing. The in-house production facility in Germany represents craftsmanship and attention to detail. There are virtually no limits to the individuality of architect and client.

Terrace with a view over the mountains

Customised luxury

Customisation is a key feature of the entire project. From the sunken Sunset Lounge with the oversized outdoor chess game on the spacious terrace, right through to the high-quality interior. Interior designer Mark Gacesa kitted out the luxurious residence with the finest furniture – all custom-made.

Bi-colour in the shower

The highlight of each of the three bathrooms is the spacious, floor-level shower. This is operated via the single lever shower mixer from the Axor Starck collection. It was finished in the elegant combination of black and bronze in the Axor Manufaktur, which specialises in customised production.

Floor-level shower with 2 overhead showers
Kitchen mixer in black/bronze

Axor Starck in the kitchen

In the kitchen too, the client places emphasis on individuality and luxury. The Axor Starck single lever kitchen mixer was refined with a PVD coating in elegant brushed bronze/brushed black chrome and integrates appropriately into the elegant interior.

Axor Manufaktur

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