Bali, Indonesia

Spacious infinity pool at the Hotel Bulgari

Purist design to meet luxurious requirements

The creative brains behind the Axor bathroom reference project belong to the architect Antonio Citterio from Milan. For the Bulgari Hotel, he designed a top-class resort. When designing the resort, top priority was given to making the guests feel good. An appreciation for the Balinese building tradition and Italian lifestyle is demonstrated even in the smallest of details.

The interior features the highest quality materials and design throughout. As do the bathrooms, which are furnished with the Axor Citterio mixer collection.

When selecting the bathroom mixers, the focus was clearly on luxury. These timelessly beautiful designer pieces are top quality in terms of both form and function. The result is the harmonious interplay between high-tech and craftsmanship.

Only high-quality materials suitable for drinking water, whose quality is tested as part of long-term studies, have the privilege of being used in an Axor mixer. Resources are used sparingly. Stringent guidelines, for example the ISO certification, guarantee that products are sustainably produced at the Axor plant in Germany .

Bulgari with its spacious outdoor pool

Synonymous with luxury

The resort, which opened in 2006, enjoys a breathtakingly exposed cliff-top location above the Indian Ocean. Each villa has its own garden and a 300 square metre outdoor living room with a view over the ocean. The architect used lots of mahogany and luxurious furniture to create a warm, elegant atmosphere.

Axor Citterio

The bathrooms are decorated entirely in black with an imposing bath tub and Axor Citterio mixers.

The striking spout in purist design is elegantly discreet, and blends smoothly into the elegant, stylish ambience. Nevertheless, the precision edges refract the light, creating an elegant interplay.

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