Elegant bathroom/living space.

Spacious ambience with AXOR.

Bathroom/living space with designer mixers.

The fusion of bathroom and bedroom.

The modern architecture redefines intimate homeliness. With openness and fluent transitions. Bathroom and bedroom merge to form an exclusive bathroom/residential oasis. A combination of body care, relaxation, sleeping and regeneration. Liberally merging together. And with maximum privacy.

AXOR designer mixers highlight the personal style in the luxury bathroom. Materials create a sense of open space. Glass provides structure. An intelligent design adds space: for example, a sliding door or a room divider. This delicate combination creates the personal bathroom/living space.

Luxury suite with a homely feel.

AXOR mixer in the bathroom/living space. Eclectic. Luxurious.

Not a classic tap. But a special designer product in the bathroom. For example, mixers from the AXOR Urquiola bathroom collection. Ideal for creating an atmosphere of cosy luxury. Versatile and sensuous. Making an extravagant contribution to the fusion of styles in the room.

AXOR Urquiola bathroom collection

Parkroyal on Pickering. Award-winning green architecture.

A prime example of sustainable, modern living. Right in the heart of the central business district of Singapore. A 15,000 square metre green area – where living space is extremely scarce. Each of the 367 rooms at the luxury hotel looks out onto greenery. Onto green terraces. Or Hong Lim Park. The energy concept is award-winning: thanks to innovative photovoltaic and irrigation systems.

Only natural products or recycled materials are used in the luxurious bathrooms/living spaces. AXOR Urquiola fulfils these ecological and aesthetic standards in the bathroom. With durability. And resource conservation. The basin mixers consume up to 60% less water than conventional mixers.

Sustainability in urban architecture.


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