The organic, minimalist bathroom

A bathroom featuring the symbiosis of minimalism and sensuousness.


Harmony within and without

What makes the bathroom a sensuous place? How can a luxurious atmosphere and respect for nature be harmonised with each other? The Axor Starck Organic bathroom collection combines organic design with a sensuous water experience, at the same time making economical use of resources, and it integrates seamlessly into the room.

In this spatial concept, bathroom and bedroom merge together harmoniously thanks to the open architecture and the spacious window front. The open shower area, which features a skylight that floods it with soft daylight, and the centrally located wash basin turn the entire room into a spa. All the elements create a bond with nature: whether it's the architecture opening up to the outdoors, the powerful colour accents and the accessories, or the natural, sensuous materials and the matching designer items in organic, minimalist style.

The natural aspect is largely supported by the ambitious architecture: large windows let the daylight in and make for an interesting play of shadows. The organic shape of the room plays its part in creating a cosy atmosphere. Relaxation zones are set within an atmospheric ambience, and from the free-standing bath tub you can gaze out onto greenery.

The surfaces, which are pleasant to the touch, also create a sense of well-being: the sensuous quality of the fabrics, warm wooden surfaces and natural stone. The travertine in the shower and around the wash basin is also impressive with its attractive feel and aura of softness.

Symbiosis of minimalism and sensuousness
Organic, minimalist bath mixer

Axor Starck Organic

The organic, minimalist design language, the intelligent functions and the economical use of resources help make sustainable use of the precious vital element of water. Axor Starck Organic mixers, with a low flow rate of 3.5 litres per minute, save both water and energy.

In collaboration with designer Philippe Starck, who enjoys using his creations to inspire people to think, Axor added plenty of energy-packed design and ecological qualities to this exceptional bathroom collection.

Axor Starck Organic
Organic wash basin with Axor Starck Organic mixer

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