Natural bathroom landscape

A bathroom that radiates a natural ambience – from the natural materials through to the organic, nature-inspired shapes

Nature-inspired Axor bath tub

Inspired by nature

A lake, a wooden jetty, a fireplace, a natural light source. In this dream bathroom, it's all about the basic elements of water, fire, earth and air and their effect on the bathroom user. A bathroom that fulfils the requirement for a place of retreat from hectic day-to-day life.

How can we enjoy water in a sensuous way? How can we experience natural rejuvenation?

The perfectly shaped mixers from Axor Massaud, featuring a water jet which comes out of the spout like a natural waterfall, allow the user to experience water in its essentially natural form.

The free-standing bath tub makes the user feel like he is floating in a lake. Wooden platforms symbolise a bridge and offer space to linger a while – a seat for relaxing in comfort before or after your bath. At the same time, the platforms can be used as spacious shelf areas, which is really useful. Sitting in the sea of candles is just like sitting around a camp fire beneath the starry sky. Even in the shower, the focus is on the natural world: like rain falling from a cloud.

Natural, high-quality materials such as natural stone and wood are used. Solid wood floorboards, wooden blinds, little homely details such as textile accessories, reminiscent of pebbles in a river bed, promote the sensation of being outdoors. In the shower, marble and sandstone elegantly continue the natural world theme.

Organically-shaped wash basin with mixer sculpture

Axor Massaud

This extravagant design focuses on the intensive experience of water in its unspoilt original state. The gush spray, which softly cascades out of the mixer, makes you feel like you are washing your hands beneath a waterfall.

Axor hired the designer and architect Jean-Marie Massaud. He drew inspiration for this Axor bathroom collection from the natural world. The basin, just like the mixers, are organic in shape, while the candle holder and cosmetics box look like pebbles.

Based on the vision of perfect harmony between man, nature and technology, the innovative technology in this aesthetic design remains hidden from the user yet works completely to his advantage, largely contributing to the magical aspect.

Axor Massaud

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