An oasis of calm in the shower

Bathroom or lounge – an oasis of calm for the eyes and for the soul

Spacious shower with the Axor One thermostatic mixer

Monolithic design for minimalists

This bathroom offers relaxation like you would expect in a lounge: encouraging you to stay longer, relax, let your gaze wander to the atrium and the greenery. The clean lines, the open shower area, the cosy place to relax and the warm lighting accents transform this room into an exclusive oasis of calm. The minimalism and familiarity of the material, which creates a contrast between the cool concrete and warm wood, contribute to the bathroom's calming effect.

Aesthetic minimalism on the wall makes for relaxed, sensuous showering. The Axor One control unit controls the hand shower and the large overhead shower – these Axor designer pieces make the shower look uncluttered. The room's minimalism increases its capacity to radiate clarity and tranquility.

Axor One, the central control unit for the showers, creates a minimalist bathroom ambience. It radiates majestic tranquility with its monolithic simplicity.

Minimalism in the bathroom
Axor collaborated with British designers Barber & Osgerby to develop a shower thermostat module which controls all the showers intuitively. The module is minimalist in design and acts like an oasis of calm in the shower.

Axor One

Axor One makes bathrooms look uncluttered, elegant and inviting. The central element on the shower wall is the Axor One thermostat module, from which the showers are operated intuitively. It makes a bold statement – and is like an oasis of calm on the wall.

This is due to the design, which strictly conforms to the objective of achieving simplicity. Axor One is flat, gently rounded and generously proportioned. Designed by Axor and British designer duo Barber & Osgerby, in line with their philosophy of Interaction Design it focuses on the user and his accustomed mode of interaction.

Axor One
Thermostatic shower mixer in the shower
Monolithic shower with Axor shower products

Axor shower products

Axor One can be combined with a variety of Axor shower products. The purist design is also a feature of the other shower products. The Axor Starck overhead shower is amply dimensioned, although sleek in appearance and economical to use. The plate overhead shower uses AirPower technology, which mixes air into the water, creating plump, soft pearls of water which feel pleasant on the skin.

The Axor Starck manual shower is also controlled via the central Axor One control unit. It is a design archetype, and like the overhead shower, it came into being as the result of Axor's collaboration with designer Philippe Starck and follows the credo of minimalism.

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