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A bathroom where one's lifestyle and use of water are intentionally cultivated.

Axor bath tub in the marble bathroom

A tribute to water

Once the bathroom becomes a place of retreat and relaxation, its occupant experiences true luxury. The sanitary products in the elegant Axor Citterio bathroom collection truly demonstrate this approach: iconic products that are elegantly two-dimensional, with precision edges and clarity of form, enhance the room and the exclusive architecture.

A large window looking out onto the garden creates a direct link to the outside and brings natural daylight into the bathroom.

The functional area is clearly separated from the living area. Thus, the toilet becomes the central "room within a room" inside the feel-good area, and the linking element between areas for sleeping and body care. Both areas converge to create one meaningful, aesthetic unit in which the centrally positioned wash basin is specifically highlighted.

High standards of home décor are also demonstrated through the use of exquisite materials and top-notch design. Natural wooden flooring, a luxurious leather couch and exquisite black and white marble contribute to the room's special character and reflect the occupant's selected furnishing style in the bathroom as well.

Two-dimensional single lever mixer with joystick handle

Axor Citterio

Special, timelessly luxurious bathrooms can be created using the Axor Citterio collection. Axor works with Italian designer Antonio Citterio to design fascinating links between straight lines and fluid shapes, square and round elements, paying homage to the significance of water in the process.

Exclusive details such as inscriptions or high-quality surface finishes are an expression of the utmost precision, demonstrating respect for water as a vital element. The basin mixer skilfully plays with reflections: its precision edges, which refract the light, make the designer piece sparkle like a diamond in the room.

Axor Citterio collection

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