The essence of luxury

A bathroom that celebrates time beautifully.

Bath tub integrated into the floor, with Axor mixers

The elegant retreat from everyday life

What constitutes true luxury in life, what about in the bathroom? Perhaps we enjoy the silence. The view from the window. Mulling over our thoughts. It's having time for ourselves that we celebrate in the bathroom. Surrounded by premium-quality materials such as teak and marble. Timeless in character, generous in design. You won't find a more elegant way to retreat from the stresses of everyday life.

This dream bathroom turns your daily encounter with water into something special. Mixers from Axor Citterio E and Axor Universal Accessories such as elegant, highly functional shelves, soap dispensers or even towel racks are the crowning component of the luxurious dream bathroom.

It is also a kind of luxury to be able to decide whether you would like to relax in the outdoor pool or the sunken indoor pool. Even the floor-level, visually seamless double showers also offer ultimate personalised showering comfort and at the same time, a fantastic view to the outside through the lavish panoramic window.

The harmonious interplay between natural tones and indirect lighting creates a relaxed atmosphere. The mirrors are positioned in such a way that they bring both light and the natural world inside really elegantly

Impressions with a lakeside view
Double wash basin in the dream bathroom
Double wash basin with wall mixer

Axor Citterio E

The Axor Citterio E collection represents elegant timelessness. Clearly-defined shapes with consciously rendered flatness and precision edges make Axor Citterio E an elegant highlight in the bathroom.

Other features include convenient functions such as the modern joystick handle, which celebrate the use of water and turn day-to-day bathroom use into something special.

Axor Citterio E

Axor Universal Accessories

Only with elegant accessories does the luxurious bathroom acquire a sense of coherence. With the shelves, bath towel holders and soap dispensers from the Axor Universal accessories, even the little details exude elegance and premium quality.

In collaboration with the architect Antonio Citterio, Axor designed a timeless accessory range for those who appreciate the extraordinary aspects of everyday life – in the bathroom and also in the kitchen.

Axor accessories
Axor Citterio E in the shower

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