Bathroom/living space for two people

A bathroom that offers people maximum individuality, but also creates space for sharing things in common.

Free-standing bath tub with Axor Urquiola thermostat

Space for both privacy and communication

What does a bathroom that offers a combined space, yet at the same time allows each user to satisfy his own needs, look like? Variegated spaces for a design that is in accordance with each user's personal needs and requirements form the basis for creating a bathroom environment that both people can enjoy.

An ideal bathroom ambience for two people provides space for both shared and private areas. Two free-standing bath tubs, two separate wash basins, two showers. Each person gets his own individually furnished wash basin – consistent with the requirements of his day-to-day routine. Each user's shower area is also customised to provide him with his own personalised, comfortable shower. Each person can select his own comfortable water temperature – enjoying a bath together, but in separate tubs.

Open-plan layouts and seamless transitions between bathroom and bedroom, between body care and relaxation, encourage communication. This space can be structured using paravents, for example. The room divider separates and conceals, but still allows a clear view and open communication.

Plants separate the different bathroom areas in a natural way, and act as a filter zone between inside and outside.

The bathroom features a harmonious blend of different styles and objects. The bathroom area can, of course, be decorated with the user's favourite items. This homely living space is made up of the many facets that accumulate from the personal preferences of the occupants.

Axor hired Patricia Urquiola for the room concept, which the Spanish architect and designer implemented using her own very personal experiences. The Axor Urquiola bathroom collection, which is named after her, originated from her concept of a dream bathroom where two people can realise their full potential.

Axor Urquiola

The eclectic bathroom collection designed by Axor and Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola emphatically reflects the many different facets of two strong personalities.

The sensuous, imaginative design of the mixers, shower products, wash basins and bath tubs interprets the mix of styles in its details: soft shapes go hand in hand with large surface areas, while asymmetries make the mixers look just like they evolved naturally. The wash basin and bath tub are modelled on a wash tub – you can have fun combining old and new.

Axor Urquiola
Wash basin with Axor Urquiola wall mixer

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