A homely bathroom

How can we enhance that sense of feel-good in the bathroom? Check out the new level of homeliness created by the Axor LampShower.

Axor shower lamp in a homely bathroom

Homely dream bathroom with a sense of open space

We love to spend far more time in the shower than we actually need in order to get clean. This is due to its meditative properties. Suddenly, it's as cosy as the living room: this makes us want to stay there longer, read or listen to music.

How can we achieve that sense of feel-good in the bathroom? First of all, there are the shower products that we surround ourselves with. The Axor LampShower combines light and water, creating a luxurious home décor product for the shower.

Light plays a large part in creating a cosy atmosphere. A sophisticated lighting concept made up of indirect lighting, which provides homely ambient light, along with bright lighting elements to create a cosy atmosphere.

The unusual bathroom cube is architecturally integrated into the living area to create a room within a room. Platforms and the stairs to the cube transform the bathroom into an exclusive retreat.

The style of interior design makes the user want to spend more time in the bathroom: natural materials such as wood and stone, warm dark natural tones and homely accessories such as shelves, pictures or an armchair all create a cosy atmosphere.

Light in the shower
Showering with a light

Axor LampShower

A shower lamp or a lamp shower? The Axor LampShower combines elegant lighting with a shower to create a truly exceptional designer piece for the bathroom. The archetypal lampshade shape and the integrated ambient lighting add to the room's homely atmosphere.

Designer Oki Sato from Nendo generate a real 'wow' effect with his design. To create the perfect shower for a homely bathroom, he drew inspiration from a floor lamp.

The water format is also unusual: out of the shower gushes soft, body-encompassing rain.

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Overhead shower with ambient light in a homely bathroom

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