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With more than 700 design awards, Phoenix Design is a world leader in product and interface design. For many years now, this independent design studio has topped the iF ranking.

Axor, like other international customers, favours the modern, clean lines in the design and the fact that the products are so easy to use. Which is why Axor has relied on the design strength of Phoenix Design for many years. This collaboration has produced unique designer pieces, including the Axor Uno2, Axor Carlton and Axor Montreux bathroom collections.

For the German design studio, logic, morality and magic are the three elements which make for a successful design. Whether that involves smartphones, office chairs, machine tools, robotic vacuum cleaners, TV or gymnastics equipment. The Stuttgart-based designers have been successfully designing showers and mixers for the last 30 years – we have them to thank for incorporating design into the bathroom in the first place.

The Phoenix Design founders Andreas Haug, born in 1946, and Tom Schönherr, born in 1954, played a central role in Germany's modern design history. They carried on the Bauhaus and Ulm school tradition, firstly with frogdesign in the 1970s and eventually in their own design studio from 1987 onwards. As well as its headquarters in Stuttgart, Phoenix Design also has offices in Shanghai and in Munich.

Humanoid robot


Service robot

Care-O-Bot 4 is the interactive gentleman with the best user experience design.


City and parking lights

State-of-the-art LEDs prevent unnecessary light emissions

LED lights at the roadside
Flat screen TV with design eye


Flat screen TV

The magical eye is an unmistakeable feature



Design trick: scale-like keys that form a ramp for the fingertips

Cordless phone


PC Muramasa

Innovative product for the global player



The top-selling pen range in its price category

Wash basin with a high spout

Axor Uno2

With Axor Uno2, Phoenix Design stayed true to its traditional Bauhaus roots. This modern, purist mixer collection was a classic minimalist design for Axor. It is characterised mainly by its geometric shapes.

Axor Uno2

Axor Carlton

With these classic bathroom mixers, Axor and the designers are taking a stylistic journey into the past. The exclusive bathroom design, with its sumptuously curved shapes, is a homage to the era of the glamorous grand hotels of the 1920s.

The enduring success of Axor Carlton proves that classic design is as relevant today as it was back then.

Axor Carlton
Nostalgic mixer on the wash basin
Bridge mixer in industrial style

Axor Montreux

With these classic bathroom mixers, Axor and the German creative powerhouse demonstrate foresight. The nostalgic mixers, showers and accessories, with typical allusions to the industrial era, have already attained the status of classics.

Axor Montreux

Bathroom planning

Planning tool iSpecify

Turn your bathroom vision into reality in just a few steps.


Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby

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