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Designer Oki Sato from Nendo

About Nendo

The Japanese design studio loves to use things in a humorous way and enjoys surprising people with its creations. Visual effects and alternating between two and three-dimensionality are very much part of the mix for Oki Sato, the creative brains behind Nendo.

Nendo is Japanese for modelling clay, with good reason. "Good design means being able to explain my idea to a young child."

Axor commissioned Nendo to design exclusive shower products. Oki Sato's very personal perspective on the shower formed the starting point for the creative collaboration. This produced the Axor LampShower. Not only does this create a 'wow' effect, it also adds a touch of homeliness to the bathroom.

Oki Sato was born in 1977 in Toronto. In 2002 in Tokyo, the architect established the Studio Nendo. Three years later, he opened a branch in the design metropolis of Milan. In 2012 he was chosen as Designer of the Year by the international magazines "Elle" and "Wallpaper".

His customer list reads like the Who's Who of successful interior design manufacturers, with names like Kartell, Cappellini and DePadova, Foscarini and Baccarat as well as Louis Vuitton, Cartier and Lexus, whose eye-catching architectural projects he is responsible for.

Carpenters Workshop Gallery

Farming-net lamp

Casting a subtle play of shadows like the traditional Japanese lamps

Cluster of pendant lights
Stool with feet in ribbon design



A homage to the ribbons on a ballet shoe

Friedman Benda

Scatter shelf

Black acrylic shelf – with visual effects like looking through a kaleidoscope

Black shelf with special effects

Axor WaterDream

The shower of the future

Floor lamp in the form of a shower
Designer Oki Sato

Oki Sato dreams of blurring the boundaries between bathroom and living room. Of a shower with an atmospheric light, which you can read under or listen to music. His dream of a modern shower became a reality in the form of the Axor LampShower.

Homely bathroom

Axor LampShower

Homely bathroom

Shower in a homely environment
Overhead shower with a light

The humorous use of design is demonstrated in the Axor LampShower. Is it a shower with a light? Or is it a light with water coming out of it?

Not only does the Axor LampShower fulfil the requirement for an elegant furnishing accessory for an innovative bathroom, it is also the accomplishment of an exceptional water design.

Axor LampShower

Bathroom planning

Planning tool iSpecify

Turn your bathroom vision into reality in just a few steps.

Designer duo

Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec

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