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Designer Jean-Marie Massaud

About Jean-Marie Massaud

The French architect and designer is one of the leading advocates of nature-inspired design. He often finds the models for his design and architecture in the natural world.

In 2004 Axor was looking for a creative partner who thought beyond the product and its pure functionality. In his definition of the feel-good bathroom, Jean-Marie Massaud takes a holistic approach, first in the room in which the occupant is residing, and then in the mixer, which is more than just a tap. To this end, he was permitted to enrich the Axor bathroom range with his nature-inspired Axor Massaud collection.

Jean-Marie Massaud was born in 1966 in the French city of Toulouse and studied in Paris at Les Ateliers, university for industrial design. In 2000, together with his architectural partner Daniel Pouzet, he established the Studio Massaud. His designs are continually permeated by forms from the natural world and create the symbiosis between man, nature and space. Furniture items for major designer brands combine a strict grid pattern and organic shapes. Above all, he uses his designs to create better living environments and he moves people. He lives near Nice in the mountains.

Stadium in the style of a volcano

Guadalajara, Mexico

Estadio Omnilife

The volcanic football stadium of Guadalajara – nature-inspired design

MDF Italia

Flow Chair

The "Flow" chair range demonstrates organically flowing design.

Upholstered chair in organic design
Vases in tree form



Inspired by nature: Vases resembling cypresses

Time & Style

Green Colony

A vegetation-covered sculpture of lava, propylene, stainless steel and plants

Seating with a perforated structure
Vegetation-covered sculpture in the shape of a cloud



The lounge chair is modelled on its namesake, the truffle.

Massaud's bathroom dream

The Axor WaterDream

Bathroom installation with natural elements
Bathroom installation sketches

The bathroom collection started with a dream: "I visualise a lake in the heart of the countryside. I want to feel like I'm sitting beside a camp fire and relaxing." Jean-Marie Massaud's living and bathroom environment therefore cites a bath tub resembling a lake and a waterfall over the basin. The extraordinary vision from 2005 was realised in the form of the Axor Massaud collection, extravagantly and with a high degree of functionality.

Axor WaterDreams
Impressions of a vision
Bathroom landscape installation

Axor Massaud

In Axor Massaud, the designer mirrors the natural world. In this regard, the collection is in the characteristic organic style – the mixer, the wash basin, the bath tub and the accessories.

The body of the basin mixer is reminiscent of a blade of grass, while the gush spray becomes a waterfall. Pebbles, branches and logs are the inspiration for the soap dish, towel rack and tooth brush tumbler.

Axor Massaud
Organic wash basin with mixer

Bathroom planning

Planning tool iSpecify

Turn your bathroom vision into reality in just a few steps.



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