Bathroom with distinctive grand charm.

AXOR for bathrooms in grand hotel style.

Bathroom with grand hotel charm.

Uniqueness in Gold finish. With AXOR.

From the shower to the accessories. A perfectly designed bathroom requires products that are created to perfection. AXOR mixers, showers and bathroom accessories fulfil this requirement. Refined in one of the 15 AXOR FinishPlus special finishes, they are perfect for accomplishing particularly luxurious design concepts. They also feature exceptional durability, robust construction and reliability. Attributes which are crucial, particularly when it comes to hotels.

Exceptionally exclusive and elegant: AXOR thermostat modules, hand showers and AXOR Universal accessories in Gold finish. Products featuring charm and urban modernity. Ideal for luxurious projects. For this world’s grand hotels. For a refined boutique hotel in the metropolis. Or a star resort in the country.

Boutique hotel with the charm of a grand hotel.

Grand hotel charm. Given a modern interpretation.

AXOR Starck manual shower combined with the AXOR ShowerSelect thermostatic mixer and AXOR Universal accessories. In Gold finish, these help to perfect the interior design of an extravagant boutique hotel.

Here, valuable marble is combined with warm wood, while modern black and gold are combined with inspirational patterns. Exciting contrasts, which are a defining feature of the hotel. In the restaurant. At the bar. In the suites and rooms. In the bathroom. With AXOR designer products for the shower. Highlights in gold.

AXOR Showers

Chic. Durable. Tailor-made. AXOR for the shower.

Durable in its functionality. In its design. The AXOR Starck manual shower is timeless. A classic that will outlive the trends.

Perfect in combination with the AXOR ShowerSelect thermostat module and the AXOR Universal Accessories shelf. For the shower. For the bathroom. For the chic, grand boutique hotel “The Fritz” in Düsseldorf.

AXOR manual shower and ShowerSelect thermostatic mixer.
AXOR Starck manual shower featuring the

The Fritz. Showers in Gold finish. With AXOR.

Boutique hotel “The Fritz” in Düsseldorf. Stylish. Extravagant. At the same time laid-back. And extremely pleasant. The triple concept consists of hotel, restaurant and bar. Also chic: the location. In close proximity to the Königsallee in the very heart of the city.

In the shower: manual shower, thermostatic mixer and shelf from AXOR. Designer products in Gold finish. For a bathroom that reflects the philosophy of the hotel: luxurious, inviting, unique.


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