Bathroom design.

Three styles. Infinite variety.

A modern design classic: Starck mixer.

Mixer design: Avantgarde through to classic.

AXOR Starck started a revolution in bathroom design. Today AXOR Starck can be found everywhere, and is a design classic for the wash basin. Design hallmarks are the diagonal spout and the joystick handle. Its archetypal shape. Its uncompromising functionality. AXOR Starck was more than just a stroke of genius. It constituted a milestone. It has been taking the world’s bathrooms by storm for more than two decades now.

AXOR has been setting benchmarks in the bathroom for more than 20 years now. Created in collaboration with the world’s best designers. Each individual brings in his own personality, perspective and philosophy. Generating a multitude of independent bathroom collections. These enable AXOR to offer its very own unique water experience. So you can find the design that you like the best – and which suits you best.

Avantgarde mixer design by Massaud.

Avantgarde. Design that is ahead of the trends.

AXOR plays a pioneering role in bathroom design. Coming up with ideas and creating products which are ahead of their time. Going beyond the familiar standards of taste. In short: developing design with an attitude.

Like the AXOR Massaud collection. This set new benchmarks for creating an original, sensuous experience of water. The first AXOR collection in organic design. Flawless, nature-inspired design. With an avantgarde gush spray. Guaranteeing an exceptional experience that appeals to the emotions. The highest technological standards of perfection.

Modern takes various forms.

Modern, but no gimmick. Designs that outlive the fashions. Geometrical, asymmetrical or organic. Purist or eclectic.

A typical example of modern design: the AXOR Citterio collection. A symbol of timelessness. Featuring corners, edges and a distinctive flat design. Characteristic in its elegance and premium quality. It looks monumental on the wash basin. A collection that redefines luxury in the bathroom. An appreciation of the element of water. State-of-the-art, both now and in the future.

Modern bathroom mixer design.
Classic mixer style.

Classic design. Pioneering for its time.

A reference to an era. Inspired by multiple disciplines. A reflection of a formative period. These are the characteristics of a classic form. So perfect that it is timeless.

Classic forms are consistent. Harmonious. An example of a classic AXOR mixer collection: AXOR Montreux. A symbol of the radical change at the turn of the century. A perfect reference to the prevailing industrial design. A design style for fans of classic design – with a penchant for modern functionality.

A mastermind.
A design pioneer.
A partner of AXOR.

Revolutionary design requires a pioneering spirit. In the 1990s, AXOR approached the famous French designer Philippe Starck. At a time when design was experiencing an upsurge. In the sanitary market, however, there was as yet no demand for design quality.

AXOR and Philippe Starck really made their mark on the bathroom. AXOR Starck represented a decisive turning point for the tap. And marked the beginning of a long-term collaboration between AXOR and leading designers. Paving the way for a variety of revolutionary bathroom designs.

Designer Philippe Starck.