Steinway & Sons.

Unparalleled piano artistry.

Manual lettering on a Steinway & Sons piano.

Masterpieces of sound.

“When it comes to music, I’m a perfectionist.” For pianists like Joja Wendt, the pianos from the legendary piano manufacturer are more than just an instrument. They are magical. Works of art. Personalities with a soul. The absolute yardstick. Steinway & Sons, the legendary piano manufacturer from New York, maintains the tradition of craftsmanship at the highest standards. Every Steinway is a man-made masterpiece.

Martha Argerich. Lang Lang. Keith Jarrett or Billy Joel. Today, the Steinway Artist family includes more than 1,800 artists of all genres, all over the world. The perfection of the famous pianos is treasured by all of them. Including the pianist Joja Wendt. Like Steinway & Sons, he is also committed to AXOR’s motto: Form Follows Perfection.

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Grand piano construction at Steinway & Sons.

A commitment to perfection: AXOR and Steinway & Sons

“To build the best piano possible.” A commitment to perfect craftsmanship, perfect design and an unprecedented brilliance of sound. The sound of a Steinway & Sons piano lets these aspirations of company founder Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg resonate with every note. Aspirations that he shares with AXOR: design and function in harmony.

Form Follows Perfection. Today, this long-established company's instruments underline AXOR’s passion for perfection at exclusive events. Of the highest musical calibre.

Rim of a Steinway grand piano.
The Steinway integral housing, or the rim, consists of up to 20 layers of hardwood. All made of maple and mahogany. Formed into the typical shape by means of a bending block developed in-house.
Cast iron plate by grand piano maker Steinway & Sons.
The cast iron plate, weighing up to 180 kg, absorbs the tensile forces of the strings. Smooth-polished and bronzed by hand. Finished off with the famous Steinway & Sons logo.
Hammers and strings by piano manufacturer Steinway & Sons.
Regulation of the mechanics. Perfect coordination of the approx. 7,500 individual components. Ensuring that the 88 keys, whippens, hammers and strings all work together seamlessly.
Intonation at Steinway & Sons.
The intonation determines the tone quality. A voicing needle is used to prick the hammerhead felts to make them more elastic. Until the grand piano sounds like a Steinway & Sons. Perfection of sound.
Spirio by Steinway.

Tonal innovation of the highest standard.

Having developed 125 patents, Steinway & Sons is considered to be the founder of modern piano construction. The company's philosophy has been governing the craftsmanship at its factories in Hamburg and New York for more than 160 years now. A recent perfect example: Spirio. A self-playing system. Also installed in the grand piano and controlled via app. Recordings by Steinway Artists. Played back as accurately as at a concert. An unparalleled, authentic audio experience, which is also rated by pianist Joja Wendt.