AXOR in Milan.

Superlative. For bath. And kitchen.

Trade show news from AXOR, presented at the Salone del Mobile Milan: AXOR MyEdition by Phoenix Design; the AXOR ShowerHeaven 1200.

Best times for individualists. For bathrooms.

The industry event of the design scene. The destination of all destinations for fans of outstanding design. And unique objects. The Salone del Mobile in Milan 2018 lived up once more its reputation as product show of superlative. Here trends are shown. Trends set. Here the furniture industry meets, experts for interior design and furnishing. Every two years the Salone del Bagno sets a focus on the bathroom. From taps to showers up to accessories. Bathroom dreams. Bathroom realities.

Form Follows Perfection. That is what AXOR defines. Perfection in all dimensions. In design. In technology. In every innovation. In every detail. With respect to setting trends. To convey them into perfect products. And to present them. As seen at this year’s brand presentation in Milan.

AXOR MyEdition. Presented for the first time at the Salone del Mobile and at the AXOR event 2018 in Milan.

A great stage for personal fulfilment.

Metal, wood, leather, marble. It’s about the touch and feel. Colour. And structure. AXOR MyEdition allows the choice. The top plate is available on request in exclusive materials. Its effect intensified by the linear, clear mixer design. A stage for realisers of one’s own desires. Individualists cheer. Fair visitors are impressed.

AXOR MyEdition is a milestone. For the custom-made bathroom. Created in co-operation with Phoenix Design. In perfection. Available from October 2018.

The perfect design. Of water. In the shower.

Maximum charisma. Perfect design. A haptic highlight. AXOR showers are an absolute must for showers. Each droplet is sculpted. Precisely. Bursting with energy, powerful and revitalizing. Or soft, enveloping and sensuous. The latter is PowderRain. The newest spray innovation from AXOR. A cocoon of water. A delight in the hand. In the sense of the desire for good feelings. A trend also at the Salone del Mobile. Countless hands underneath the AXOR Showers are thrilled.

AXOR Showers with PowderRain. The AXOR innovation in water design. For perfect showering.
Overview of the AXOR FinishPlus special surface finishes in different colours at the AXOR booth in Milan.

Brilliant surfaces finishes. For colour in the bathroom.

Trend colour. The Salone del Mobile in Milan shows, live becomes polychrome. Starting with a little spot of colour with an eye-catching accessory. Up to the colourful seating ensemble. Colourfulness comes with the coating. Or by using different materials. Such as wood. Metal. Stone.

Or AXOR FinishPlus special surfaces. Brushed Nickel as warm red hue. Polished Gold. Self-descriptive. More than a colour. A refinement. Or Black Chrome. Noble black for bathroom and kitchen.

Avant-garde, noble, exclusive. The top for bathroom, kitchen.

One thing gets clear when visiting the Salone del Mobile this year. It is about exclusiveness. Materials such as wood, marble, leather. Representation of timeless values. A synonym for luxury.

The maximisation of exclusiveness: the ne plus ultra. In the shower achieved with the AXOR ShowerHeaven 1200. Unique. In every dimension. A new archetype in the shower. With maximum charisma. A great stage for the water which fascinates. Show visitors. Users. Fans of the noble. Of perfect showering.

The AXOR ShowerHeaven 1200. Perfect realization of the trend noble and exclusive for the shower.
AXOR products in the AXOR FinishPlus special surface finishes Brushed and Polished Gold.
Three trends. Colour. Exclusiveness. Sustainability. One service. AXOR FinishPlus surfaces bring colour in the bathroom. Are brilliant. Robust and therefore highly durable. And absolutely exclusive.
AXOR MyEdition. Preview presentation at the Salone del Mobile in Milan 2018.
AXOR MyEdition: For fans of unique materials at the wash basin. Such as leather. Wood. Or marble. All three a widely used material in furnishing design. Timeless. Noble. Especially in the bathroom.
Design objects for bathroom and kitchen from AXOR at the Salone del Mobile 2018 in Milan.
AXOR Starck V. Extravagance in glass. Trend material of the Salone del Mobile 2018. For AXOR an innovation developed 2014. Transparent mixer with visible spectacle of nature. The vortex.