The shower
of the future

In search of a new archetype

Shower lamps bathroom vision

Visions of the bathroom as a living space

Axor has spent the last 20 years developing visions of the bathroom as a living space. "Here, the focus is not primarily on the product itself, it's more on generating extra scope for creative development, breaking away from established behavioural patterns and conducting an open, interdisciplinary dialogue."

Axor is conducting this dialogue with internationally renowned design partners including, since September 2013, Swedish design duo Front and Japanese design studio Nendo.

Following Phoenix Design, Jean-Marie Massaud, Patricia Urquiola and the Bouroullec brothers, since the autumn of 2013 there has also been a personal Axor WaterDream by Front and Nendo.

"As part of our holistic approach, which includes the use of space, dealing with water, and accommodating people's wide variety of individual requirements, this time we wanted to clearly focus on the shower and, together with Front and Nendo, to reinterpret showering", said Philippe Grohe, Vice President of Design Management at Hansgrohe SE, explaining how the Axor WaterDream 2013 originated.

Lifestyle and showering: back to basics

The invitation to redefine the shower resulted in two installations which could not be more different.

Despite the different cultural backgrounds of the two design studios, their visions were based on something they have in common. Both presented new archetypes in an alluring way: light and water pathways were reinterpreted in an unexpected and unconventional way, while the established functional and spatial separation of living and bathing environments was challenged.

Nendo drew inspiration from a sentimental living environment outside the bathroom. Front likes to explore the origins of the water installation.


Visual appreciation
of water pathways

The Axor WaterDream designed by Front displays typical copper-coloured installation pipes.
Swedish designer team Front is made up of three women.

The Axor WaterDream by Front offers us a completely novel experience of water pathways in their most basic form. "Front shows us how something that is normally hidden from view can become a visually appealing and valuable spatial structure", said Philippe Grohe.

"We wanted to use our personal perception of the shower to draw attention to the often concealed technology behind the wall", the designers explained. "It was important for us to foster an awareness of the most archetypal aspect of the bathroom – the installation itself." "That's why we played around with the most elementary components that bring water to us – couplings, pipes, valves and funnels", added Sofia Lagerkvist.

With Scandinavian simplicity, the Front designers address the technical aspect of showering and present their bathroom of the future as a homage to workmanship and the aesthetics of technology.


A lamp
or a shower?

Oki Satz is head of the Japanese design studio Nendo
The Axor WaterDream combines light and water in an overhead shower

Oki Sato, creative head of the Japanese design studio Nendo, plays with the skilful shifting of concepts and meanings in his Axor WaterDream.

"I wanted to combine the most basic thing in the living room, the light, with water to add a broader, sensuous dimension to the shower in a way that we have never seen before. So it's not just a shower and it's not just a lamp, it's a hybrid – a magic trick with light and water that can be enjoyed day after day", said Sato.

This natural fusion of light and water is freed from any spatial constraints: things that traditionally took place in separate rooms – reading under a lamp in the living room and showering in the bathroom – can now be enjoyed without needing to be allocated to a particular room.

Axor WaterDream
PR Manager Astrid Bachmann


Astrid Bachmann PR Manager Axor