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Axor WaterDream
Sketches for mixer spouts

come true

At the Fuorisalone 2015 in Milan, Axor unveiled a new vision of freedom in industrial design: a universal mixer base, onto which bespoke spouts can be fitted.

The alluring combination of high-quality mixer components and unique spouts was on display from 13 to 17 April at the Axor Showroom DURINIQUINDICI at Via Durini 15 in Milan.

Axor WaterDream with ECAL
Prototype in the glass kiln
Prototypes from the design students from ECAL University were exhibited at the Axor Showroom in Milan.

Hand-crafted one-off designs

For several years, Axor has been dealing with the question of how best to achieve the greatest possible freedom in industrial design.

In conjunction with ECAL, the renowned University of Art and Design in Lausanne, Axor has formulated conceptual solutions to this question, and has also produced hand-crafted one-off designs made of hand-blown glass – the Axor WaterDream 2015.

The Axor WaterDream

For more than 20 years now, Axor has been developing visions for the bathroom as a living space. In this regard, the focus is on creating extra scope for creative development, breaking away from established behavioural patterns and conducting an open, interdisciplinary dialogue – with internationally renowned design partners such as Jean-Marie Massaud, Patricia Urquiola, Front or Nendo.

Bachelor and Master students from ECAL can now join these ranks, as designers of the bathroom of the future.

Glass spout with stacked tumblers
Spout and mirror combined

Complete creative freedom

“In ECAL we found a partner who approached our Axor WaterDream project with tremendous enthusiasm and creative skill”, explained Philippe Grohe, Vice President of Design Management at Hansgrohe SE. “Our technical innovation, a new mixer base, served as the starting point for the design students to create completely unique mixer spouts.”

Not only does this Axor U-Base feature the quality of an industrially manufactured product, it is also the key to this new freedom in industrial design.

From standardised spouts to bespoke one-off designs, the Axor U-Base offers countless combination options which are supported by the Axor Manufaktur, an exclusive service area within Hansgrohe's production facilities.

Axor Manufaktur
Bent glass spout
Glass carafe
Glass spout in the shape of a lotus leaf
PR Manager <span>Astrid Bachmann </span>


Astrid Bachmann Axor PR Manager