Joja Wendt.

Perfect acoustic design for the grand piano.

Pianist Joja Wendt.

A virtuoso who straddles various worlds.

Jazz, blues, classical. Carnegie Hall. The Montreux Jazz Festival. When it comes to playing the piano, pianist Joja Wendt is second to none. Proficient in a musical spectrum that includes classical music, the most challenging bebop improvisations, and even pop music. Perfection. A quality that not only connects him to the best piano virtuosos in the world, but also to AXOR.

The story of how he was discovered is also an amazing one: after studying the piano in New York, he was discovered by none other than rock legend Joe Cocker. Wendt became his opening act. This represented the start of an international career: Performances with Fats Domino. Jerry Lee Lewis. Chuck Berry. In 2002 Steinway & Sons honoured him with a place among the team of Steinway Artists.

Joja Wendt on the grand piano.

AXOR and Joja Wendt: Partners in perfection.

AXOR and Form Follows Perfection. Style and technology in harmony. AXOR's guiding principle is also an important factor in Joja Wendt’s career as a pianist and his private life. He surrounds himself with perfection at home too. In design. In quality.

“Products that I use every day need to meet my expectations of perfection. This also includes perfect bathroom furnishings. While high ceilings, stucco and original parquet exude an atmosphere of bygone times, the AXOR products set accents in the bathroom. In timeless, harmonious design. Making the time that I spend in the bathroom just perfect.”

“AXOR perfectly matches my lifestyle.”

“The final hours before a concert follow a precisely coordinated schedule. The muscles need to be relaxed shortly beforehand. To achieve this, pianists like to have a bath or shower. Surrounded by water which is warming and soothing. Just the kind of relaxation that I need at that moment.”

To furnish his bathroom, Joja Wendt opted for showers and accessories from AXOR Citterio E: elegant star handles. Precisely-shaped surfaces and edges. A combination of classic appeal and modern functionality. Just like in Wendt’s music.

Joja Wendt in his AXOR bathroom at home.
Joja Wendt at home.
“Before the concert, everything has to be just right: eating right, no rush, brief mental preparation to get oneself in the right mood.” © Steve Herud
Elegant rim-mounted bath mixer with hand shower.
“When treating myself to a soothing bath after a concert, I love using timeless, elegant AXOR mixers”. The bath tub is furnished with an AXOR Citterio E 4-hole tile mounted mixer.” © Steve Herud
Single lever basin mixer and bathroom accessories from AXOR.
AXOR Universal accessories and AXOR Citterio E basin mixer – equally perfect in terms of design, quality and function. Ideal for a perfectionist like Joja Wendt. © Steve Herud
Joja Wendt in his AXOR shower.
“I furnished the shower area with a large wall shower and a height-adjustable hand shower. So I can enjoy feel-good rain from above or a quick sports shower at the flick of my wrist.” © Steve Herud
Joja Wendt at home with AXOR kitchen mixer.
AXOR Citterio kitchen mixer. AXOR is also Joja Wendt’s choice when it comes to furnishing his kitchen. © Steve Herud
AXOR Citterio single lever kitchen mixer at the kitchen sink.
Joja Wendt’s kitchen is equipped with an AXOR Citterio kitchen mixer. Outstanding workmanship. Reliable and intuitive. © Steve Herud

Perfection in every detail.

More than 100 live concerts a year, concert tours, TV presentations. Joja Wendt is an all-round genius. He is an entertainer. A composer. A virtuoso. A master of improvisation. Acclaimed for his extremely fast piano playing. The result of decades of practice. Eight to ten hours every day.

Today, the professional musician prepares for every concert, every tour meticulously. A perfectionist in every detail. His great classical inspiration: the pianist Vladimir Horowitz. Joja Wendt has now joined him and other greats, such as Gershwin or Lang Lang, as a member of the prestigious family of Steinway Artists.

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