25 years AXOR.

Personality. Perfection. In the bathroom.

Transparent washbasin mixer with vortex. AXOR Starck V.

One brand. One history. AXOR.

Design. Individuality Functionality. Since 25 years, AXOR stands for perfection in the bathroom. With pioneering mixers, showers and accessories. Innovative. In different styles. From classic to avant-garde. Developed with the world’s best designers.

Amongst them Antonio Citterio. Jean-Marie Massaud. Phoenix Design. The beginning: Philippe Starck. His style characterizes AXOR Starck. For more than 20 years. A milestone. Today a design classic. At home in the most beautiful bathrooms of this world.

The product range: Impressive. The possibilities: Almost infinitely. Close to 2000 products out of different AXOR collections and programs speak for themselves. Are combinable. Individualize. For a maximum of creativity freedom.

Ein Archetyp im Baddesign. Die minimalistische Armatur AXOR Starck.

Design, that writes history. AXOR Starck.

Revolutionary. In design. In functionality. AXOR Starck. 20 years ago, AXOR and Philippe Starck opened a new chapter with this collection. Their focus is wider than merely on the transport of water to the washbasin, the shower. They concentrate on the essential. And develop a new archetype. Minimalistic. Inspired by historic well pumps. With pin handle. A turning point. Technologically. And in design. The idea behind it: The joystick technology. And an ultra-slim cartridge. Thoroughly brilliant.

One brand. Many possibilities.

Personality. Individuality. Already 25 years ago, AXOR offers great creativity freedom. The product range includes colourful mixers. Red, yellow, blue. Who wants to furnish his bathroom with coloured accents: AXOR is the right brand. Also with respect to design. Massive and curved in Gold-Chrome. Or reduced, young, fresh. The brand recognizes: Well-being starts with acting out one’s taste. And luxury with the fulfilment of individual desires.

First coloured mixer from AXOR.
AXOR collections and programmes today. In different styles. From avant-garde until classic.

Variety of styles. Avant-garde meets classic.

Since 25 years AXOR makes the bathroom personal. With collections and programs in different styles. Classic, minimalistic, eclectic, nostalgic, striking, urban, inspired by nature. A large variety for a maximum of creativity freedom. Always exploring the limits. With respect to technological feasibility. To perfection in production. To design.

The result: Avant-garde all along the line. Developed with the most creative people of the design world.

Cover of the first AXOR product catalogue from 1993.
AXOR makes your bathroom personal. At that time born as a slogan. Today more than ever the philosophy of the brand.
AXOR Citterio floor-standing bath tub mixer in Polished Gold in the bathroom of the Wanda Reign Hotel in Chengdu, China.
Luxury is to furnish his bathroom according to his own desires. For example, in golden hues. The matching mixer in Polished Gold. As it is in the Wanda Reign Hotel in Chengdu, China.
AXOR Citterio washbasin mixer in neoclassical design.
AXOR Citterio. A monument at the washbasin. Brillant and striking. Since 2005, AXOR works with the Italian designer and architect Antonio Citterio. For superb, timeless elegance in the bathroom.
Mixers in a mixture of styles from the collection AXOR Urquiola at the Il Sereno Hotel, Lake Como.
With AXOR Urquiola the Spanish architect and designer Patricia Urquiola expresses her ideal imagination of a bathroom. Surprises and breaks with conventions. Mixture of styles in perfection.
AXOR Massaud washbasin mixer in organic design.
The natural world and its elements. They were evoked when designing AXOR Massaud. A collection full of magic and vision. The brand works since 2005 with the French-born Jean-Marie Massaud.
Purism in the bathroom with the mixer collection AXOR Uno.
Ascetic forms. Subtly excessive, based on the Golden Ratio. AXOR Uno is purism in perfection. Developed in co-operation with Phonix Design. Design in the tradition of the Bauhaus style.

Long-lasting co-operations. For long-term success.

AXOR collections are developed in close partnership with the world’s renowned designers and architects. Most of them are part of the AXOR family for many years. All products feature the individual style of these visionaries. In terms of form. Functionality. In dealing with water, the elixir of life.

Among the AXOR designers are Philippe Starck, Antonio Citterio & Toan Nguyen, Phoenix Design, Jean-Marie Massaud, Patricia Urquiola, Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby, Front, Nendo. A spectacular mixture. Of different disciplines. Characters. Experiences. At the same time a guarantor for the variety that AXOR offers.

The overview of AXOR’s design partner.

Customization in Perfection.

Perfect adaption to the room, to desires. AXOR Signature. An exclusive service. For demanding AXOR customers. Planners, architects, interior designers. This service extends mixer spouts. Shortens shower arms. Individualizes hot/cold markings. Integrates one’s own logo. Tailor-made perfection.

Brushed, polished, Gold or Bronze. AXOR FinishPlus features 15 different surface finishes. A wide range of customization possibilities. At the same time brilliant, long-lasting, robust. Perfectly suitable for hotels. A highlight in every bathroom.

The exclusive services of AXOR: AXOR FinishPlus and AXOR Signature.